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GALAXY Note 10.1 with Multiscreen Feature

The new GALAXY Note 10.1 is available in the U.S. Powered by a 1.4GHz quad-core processor and 2 GB RAM, this Android-powered tablet features true multitasking ...

Galaxy Note, Let's Note Any Ideas!

I was lucky when I visited Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya in November, 2011. Why? because there was an event by Samsung, the company was demonstrating the new Galaxy Note to their customers in Indonesia. But ...

Samsung Series 7 All-In-One PC

Samsung announced the Samsung Series 7 All-In-One PC, an easy-to-use desktop computer. Featuring an Intel® CoreTM i3 or Intel® CoreTM i5 processor and Windows® 7 Home Premium operating system, the Samsung Series 7 All-In-One PC ...

GALAXY Nexus, Finally!

Samsung and Google, announced GALAXY Nexus, featuring a 4.65” HD Super AMOLED display technology at 720p resolution and a 1.2GHz dual core processor. Mentioned as the world’s first smartphone running Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, ...

Lenovo C325 All-In-One Desktop

Available with starting price at $699, Lenovo C325 All-In-One desktop allows users to watch DVDs using the AIOs’ DVD player/optional burner or stream movies through the WiFi connection. Starting with a large 20-inch LED-backlit display, ...

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Cellular Line CRAB Tablet Car Mount, Just Nice!

I bought Cellular Line CRAB Tablet Car Mount to boost my driving experience to the next level. This table car mount has Nice design. Stays in place and does not shake or vibrate on the dash of my Yaris hatchback. Both suction cups quite sticky to keep the tablet and holder firmly in place but could have done with another plastic protection cap to the larger base suction cup as well to prevent it picking up dust and debris when stored away.

Dual USB Emergency Charger that You Need


When we still need a battery to power up our smartphone, then there’ll always be an emergency time when we are on the field without electricity access. I think all of us have such terrific experience, we need to make important call but the battery getting low. Let’s face it, when you’re out there’s nothing worse than your phone running out of power, right? and be honest you feel cut off from the world no one can contact you and you can’t contact anyone!

We’re all know the problem, now what the best solution is? Do we need a reliable solar or wind powered smartphone, I think yes, but I think it won’t happen in the near future. The most possible solution in this time is an emergency charger that can be charged at home, and bring it out wherever we go as an extra power sources.

I Dropped My iPad and Dented Its Corner!


A few weeks ago my iPad was dropped (one and a half meters from the ground) and left its top-right corner dented. Fortunately the device still works fine without any malfunction, I’m very happy with that eventhough I got a little trauma with the incident. I don’t want this tragedy hit me once again, but if the bad luck force to happen, I don’t want the next incident will break my iPad. And what I need to do now is find durable iPad cases to protect my lovely device from such drop, shock, or other damage. And finally I found this cool cases, the Gumdrop Drop Tech iPad 3 Case.

Sony XDR-S40DBP Digital Radio


Radio is never a ending story, I always turn on my radio everytime I ride my car. Sony‘s new XDR-S40DBP digital radio is another story. This portable digital radio lets me enjoy my favourite radio shows while I’m not in my car. This light and easy to carry device is available in black, white or eye-catching red colourways. Of course, it offers clear digital sound quality, the color is nothing without sound.

Hand-Crafted Hello Kitty iPhone Case


Are you searching ideas to beautify you iPhone? if you’re a Hello Kitty fan and love hand-made accessories, Principle has something special for you. The company has received the license from Sanrio to produce and sell a high quality Hello Kitty smartphone case made of seashell made with a traditional Japanese crafting technique. Expected to be be available from April 6th, you can find it mainly at their Japanese selected products store “Kusuyama” in San Francisco, CA, USA as well as in Japan and worldwide. But it’s a little bit expensive, it will be around $199 (18,000 yen), thank to the pure hand works, not fabrics!

Best Software Available for Starting a Business

easycall When you are in the process of starting up a business there will be a million and one things that you need to address to ensure that things run smoothly and to make sure you get the word out there that your company is here to stay. With so much to consider, it is essential that you utilise the right software to allow you to operate smoothly and reach your target audience. Today, we outline some of the best software packages out there which all benefit from sliding pay scales and remote access, freeing you up to focus your attentions on that to-do list…

Easy call now
This is an excellent, all-encompassing telephony system that caters to all of your companies contact needs and which perhaps most importantly, you can try for free. This hosted online dialler system allows you to quickly and efficiently contact and be contacted by your customers, ensures they will never hear an engaged tone or dial out, you will never miss a call and maximises your call time.

As part of the great software package, you will have access to comprehensive reports that can help you to analyse your contact list and business patterns. This, in turn, grants you access to the information that you require in order to improve upon the service that you offer. Another great feature of Easy Call Now is that this software is pay-as-you-go. This means you can start off small and increase your package as your business grows.

The Future of 3D Printing

3dprint-hp3D Printing has been around for a while, but it’s only in the past year that it’s really taken off as the “next big thing” in printing. For anyone who does not have any idea about 3D printing, let me explain…

Basically 3D printing is being able to make a three-dimensional solid object from a digital model. So if you can imagine it and be able to make a digital model then you are able to print anything that can be constructed from the materials used. 3D printing has redefined the printing industry, with both hobbyists and manufacturers sitting up and taking notice. After reading this article I’ll guarantee that you’ll want your own 3D printer.

Many industries have been taking advantage of the benefits of 3D printing. Cars are now better thanks to motor vehicle companies using 3D models to find out if a car is structurally sound and use them for aerodynamic and crash tests. Even the medical industry has found a use for these printers, with body parts such as jaw bones and hips, being replaced by 3D printers. Many inventors also use them to create new items that will make life more convenient for us.

So far those are just a few of the things that a 3D printer is capable of, and in the future, it will be difficult to define what they can and can’t do. Industries use them daily to create products, individuals are creating their own home-items like Christmas decorations and hobbyists like arts and crafts gurus can create pottery, art and the likes.

I really am surprised that many households do not have a 3D printer at home since it just takes a PC that is capable of using 3D software, and printer cartridges like the ones you can get from Cartridges Direct Projections show that it will take until the year 2040 for the majority of PC owners to have one in their homes. Personally I think it will happen faster than that once people start learning the many wonderful ways in which a 3D printer creates.

Important Features of Colocations Services: Three Things to Look For

datacenter Colocation services are increasingly important to businesses, particularly those in the IT sector. The number of companies offering these services is growing, and as a result, deciding which data centre is right for your business can be difficult. The individual needs of your business will dictate which service provider is best for you, but there are a few basic components that are absolutely essential in a data centre.

Regardless of how large or small the storage space you require, you need to ensure that a data centre has a reliable power supply and backup options. A steady connection to the grid is not enough. A centre needs to provide details of their contingency plans in case of power outages and surges. Ask about the quantity and quality of onsite backup generators, and ensure that there are procedures in place for long-term outages.

Data centres also must defend your information from other threats, like fire, flooding and problems with the computer hardware. Enquire about the protection measures in place for such situations. Facilities should have extensive fire suppression, well-maintained, watertight buildings, and adequate cooling and ventilation systems to prolong the life and performance of the computer hardware.

If you are to trust a third-party with your vital data, you need to be absolutely certain that your information won’t be lost due to a short-term power blackout or easily containable fire.