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Velocity Health: Innovators Are Invited To Join

One of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world, Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) that has serious commitment in healthcare solution , has join forced with Wayra, a start-up accelerator owned by Telefónica Open Future, to launch their first preventing healthcare start-up program in UK, Velocity Health, for searching the best preventative tech startups.

“Technology is revolutionising how we manage healthcare and the UK can be at the heart of it. Digital start-ups are at the forefront of this innovation, said Mike Nally, MSD’s managing director.

To accomplish the goal, the selected startups will be joined with others 100 startups that already being supported by Wayra. They will be injected by up to 64k GBP, and have 10-month period mentoring. And they will also have wide access to MSD’s resources and Wayra’s facilities, as well as 300m Telefonica’s customer base, to develop their innovation and brilliant ideas in digital preventing healthcare solution.

MSD wishes their investment via Velocity Health could make a big help and a real impact to NHS Five Year Forward Plan for indentifying and preventing the rise of major diseases amongst an ageing population in the UK.

Will you join the party???

The World Most Expensive iPhone 6 costing £1.7 million

Apple Iphone6_diamond_1 copy[1]

Just less than 24hrs from the announcement from Apple on the release of the IPhone 6, luxury designer Alexander Amosu has been commissioned to create a luxury version in solid 18 carat solid gold, fully encrusted with diamonds.

The phone will take approximately 2 months to make by recreating the full body in solid 18ct gold weighing approximately 85gsm and painstakingly handset with over 6,127 brilliant cut diamonds in VVS1 IF Colour. The apple logo will be cut to the exact shape of the apple logo from 51.29 carat (10.258g) with a cushion flawless cut.

Looking at life’s little gaming pleasures with ‘Epic Journeys From Console Gaming’

The world of gaming is made up of epic journeys – from the mythical lands which characters cross on their quest for excellence to the global distances covered by game sales and trends.

If you’ve ever wondered what the biggest and most epic journeys are for the world of console gaming then you’re in luck! Butlers Bingo has produced a sensational interactive infographic that lets you delve into the world of gaming like never before. All you need to do is click the link above to view it in full.

Looking at eight popular titles and highlighting three hit games due for release over the next year or so, you really get to grips with life’s little gaming pleasures.

You may have already known that Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was one of the most popular games of recent times but did you know that it sold 7 million copies? How about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? The follow-up to the franchises Modern Warfare exceeded sales figures with 24 million copies sold and a tallied up a MetaCritic score of 94!

It’s not just COD that has proven to be a big hit with gamers though. Titles such as The Last of Us (released on PlayStation 3) also mapped an epic journey when released. With 4 million copies sold, it might not have reported quite the same sales power as COD but it did get named the fifth best PS3 game of all time on MetaCritic with a sensational score of 95.

To celebrate the successful journeys of these games and many others, the fantastic infographic from Butlers Bingo examines the paths top games have trod in order to achieve the success they boast today.

Why not follow in their footsteps by taking a look and reminiscing over times past before taking a look at upcoming releases such as Watch_Dogs, Destiny and Wolfenstein.

Creating a user friendly website for your business

Usability is something that cannot be overlooked when it comes to designing a website. The experience for a customer using your website should be pleasant and easy with a seamless journey from browsing through to purchase. This will greatly improve your chances of success, and boost sales and revenue. Here are four simple steps to creating a user friendly website.

Mobile compatibility

With the rise in popularity of smartphones and tablets, creating a mobile optimised website is vital for any business. Your website may look well on a large desktop screen – however this does not necessarily mean that it will translate well onto the much smaller screen of a mobile phone. There are translation apps available, but it is well worth enlisting the help of a professional web designer to ensure that your site works equally well across all platforms. After all mobile friendly sites will boost your sales figures so it is an investment that could pay handsomely in the long run.
Simple to follow navigation

When designing your site map the objective should be to keep it as simple as possible. Name each page appropriately and make sure that visitors are able to see their options in order to navigate through your site. It is important that the site doesn’t seem too complicated or cluttered otherwise visitors will become frustrated and leave the site, unlikely to ever return.


It is one thing having a website that looks nice and is easy to navigate, but it is all for nothing if the site itself experiences technical difficulties and runs slowly or in some instances crashes completely. Such problems make things difficult for the customer and reflect badly on the company overall. Website performance monitoring is essential to ensure the ongoing good health of your website. NCC Group is a company who specialise in website performance and how it works for your customers. Learn more here

7 Great Apps To Help You Work On Your Phone

Working whilst on the move can be a challenge; at least, it used to be a challenge. With today’s technology, it’s actually very easy and the following apps will increase productivity and enable you to boost your workflow whilst on the go:

LogMeIn Ignition
With LogMeIn, you can access a remote PC from wherever you are, just as if you were at home on your desktop computer. You’re able to edit and control apps from your PC through the iPad/iPhone app and the interface is simple and easy-to-use, providing an efficient app for those constantly out and about.

iBrainstorm is primarily for the iPad and works as an interactive iPad clipboard, allowing you to organise and swipe at notes, tag items and keep all your thoughts in one place, organised as you see fit. Obviously, with broadband, the process is much faster and more convenient to use.

This sleek platform allows you to keep your priorities in check in the shape of a simple to-do list. Prioritise and set deadlines for objectives, boosting your productivity and customise your settings to your exact preference as well. It’s a universal app, available through different operating systems and allows you to share your lists with others.

Everyone knows and understands the efficiency and advantages of Skype as a work-related app. It’s ideal for communicating with vital people without being in the same location as them and the rates are excellent, not racking up the price too significantly and allowing users to keep in touch with important contacts at all times.

Cellular Line CRAB Tablet Car Mount, Just Nice!

I bought Cellular Line CRAB Tablet Car Mount to boost my driving experience to the next level. This table car mount has Nice design. Stays in place and does not shake or vibrate on the dash of my Yaris hatchback. Both suction cups quite sticky to keep the tablet and holder firmly in place but could have done with another plastic protection cap to the larger base suction cup as well to prevent it picking up dust and debris when stored away.

Smartphone Stats: Which Companies Are Winning The Race?

Smartphone Stats: Which Companies Are Winning The Race?

This Infographic is produced by Coupon Audit (provides Finish Line coupon code) and Trendy Gadget


Dual USB Emergency Charger that You Need


When we still need a battery to power up our smartphone, then there’ll always be an emergency time when we are on the field without electricity access. I think all of us have such terrific experience, we need to make important call but the battery getting low. Let’s face it, when you’re out there’s nothing worse than your phone running out of power, right? and be honest you feel cut off from the world no one can contact you and you can’t contact anyone!

We’re all know the problem, now what the best solution is? Do we need a reliable solar or wind powered smartphone, I think yes, but I think it won’t happen in the near future. The most possible solution in this time is an emergency charger that can be charged at home, and bring it out wherever we go as an extra power sources.