More Ways to Make Money with Your Android Phone

Android phones are becoming more capable than ever. The latest generation of smartphones now feature a capable processor, more RAM and internal storage, and cameras with immense capabilities. Combined, today’s top smartphones can be a powerful tool in the right hands.

Aside from playing games and doing complex tasks, you can also use your Android phone as a way to make money. Everything from running your own business to managing a site that generates advertising revenue is possible. To help you get started, here are some more moneymaking ideas to explore with your Android phone.

Your Own Drop-Shipping Business

Drop-shipping is one of the best businesses to get into today. There are more suppliers that offer products for drop-shipping, which means you only have to focus on selling those products under your own brand and using your own e-commerce site.

Drop-shipping is also a great business to get into due to the low starting capital the business requires. You only need your smartphone and a working internet connection to get started. You can set up your own website in minutes using platforms like Wix, and the rest is easy from there.

As for marketing the products you drop-ship, you have a wealth of digital marketing tools now available for Android. Google Ads runs natively on Android phones. Facebook Ads and Instagram promotions are just as easy to access. The possibilities are endless.

The Financial Markets

Another way you can make serious money using nothing but your Android phone is by investing in the financial markets. Similar to drop-shipping, there are more ways you can access the financial markets than ever before.

The best brokers now have their own native apps you can use out of the box. This means you can start trading stocks and foreign currency pairs in no time at all. Creating an account takes no more than a few taps, and you can begin buying and selling your chosen instruments after funding the account.

Trading on your smartphone is just as easy as trading on a desktop computer. You still get all the technical indicators and you can execute orders as quickly as you could on a PC. Even better, everything uses Android’s touch interface, so you can buy and sell financial instruments conveniently.

Play Casino Games

Online casino games are also very rewarding in terms of the cash prizes they offer. You can win jackpots worth millions and be the next casino millionaire using nothing but your smartphone. Today’s top online casinos like Stakers use either a native Android app or a web-based interface to deliver the best gaming experience possible.

In the case of Stakers, you don’t even have to play using your own money to get started. Sign up for an account and claim the no deposit bonus to get started right away. The bonus bankroll can be used to play casino games online and win cash prizes, and you get to keep the cash prizes too.

All you need is a good casino strategy and a way to manage your bankroll meticulously. These resources are widely available online. With a bit of learning and preparation, you’ll be playing games like slots and roulette and banking a lot of winnings in the process.

Become an Influencer

The ideas we have already discussed let you make money using your Android phone almost immediately. This next one, however, takes slightly longer, but it is equally rewarding. There is a huge demand for social media influencers these days, and becoming one is easier than you think.

You start by setting up social media pages for yourself. Choose platforms that you know you can utilize the best. If you are good at taking pictures, for example, you want to use Instagram as your main social media site.

Next, develop compelling content and reach a specific audience segment with them. The more content you put out, the more people you will reach, and the stronger your online presence will be. With a strong online presence fully developed, getting jobs as a social media influencer is easy.

Your Own Consulting Service

Of course, being able to develop a strong online (or social media) presence means you are good at it. That digital marketing prowess is something you can sell in the form of a consulting service. Other skills are equally valuable to the right buyers too.

Rather than creating an office and being stuck in front of the computer, you can now offer your consulting services on the go. Using nothing but a good messaging app – or a live chat platform, depending on how you want to approach the business – and some marketing, you can establish a consulting service in no time.

The real challenge is finding clients to cater to, and a good portfolio can help you overcome that challenge. Once again, platforms like Wix and WordPress let you set up a complete and intuitive portfolio using nothing but your smartphone.


Last but certainly not least, you can try offering micro-services to potential buyers through sites like Fiverr. Performing the micro-tasks that you need to do may require more than just a smartphone, but the process of getting jobs (and getting paid) doesn’t.

You can also limit the services you offer to things you can do on your Android phone. Offering photo editing services, unique Instagram photos for buyers’ profiles, and other things like articles and memes are some of the ideas you can explore if you want to make money using your Android phone.

Micro-services are relatively cheap, so they are not difficult to sell. Your aim is to get a lot of buyers rather than to sell one for a high price. This is exactly why selling micro-services is something you can do on the go; you can find buyers anywhere as long as you offer the right services for the right price.

The possibilities are endless; there are still so many other ways to make money using your Android phone. All you have to do now is pick an idea you want to develop and get started right away.

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