The Evolution of Gaming

Millennial’s have no idea how good they have it when it comes to gaming. These days they can strap a virtual reality headset to their smartphone and experience gaming in a manner that would have only seemed possible in a sci-fi movie.


Before becoming the multi-billion dollar industry it is today, the U.S. military invented a computer based war simulation game in the mid 1950’s to help prepare for war with the Soviets during the cold war.

It wasn’t until a few years later an American scientist created a game called “Tennis for Two” that businesses started to see the potential in consumer based video games. For the few decades, the games that were being produced weren’t easily available to the public, and were pretty cost prohibitive.

One of the major contributors to the creating of gaming industry as we know it, was the creation of BASIC a computer programming language in the mid 60’s. This led to the production of “Computer Space”, the first commercially available arcade game, and the first gaming console, the Atari.

It didn’t take too long for computer programmers to begin improving on the computer language and the tech and develop games that were better and more cost effective for the average consumer.
The 1980’s saw an explosion of video arcade games that are now considered classics, such as Pac-Man and Donkey Man. These games were wildly successful generating over a billion dollars in revenue in just over a year, and set the stage for the gaming explosion that we know it.

The next stage was the consoles, if you didn’t have a Nintendo or a Sega Genesis, then you had a friend who you could go and play with. The graphics and AI was getting better and people were spending more time and money on video games than ever before.


As consoles continued to get better, the internet became the next hot medium for game developers. Online casinos saw the opportunity to reach players who couldn’t make it to a casino, and they developed casino games that could be played for fun or money, wherever the player was.

Virtual Reality is the current craze, the potential is just amazing, with a 360 degree view of the gaming world, we are excited to see where gaming will go from here over the next few years.