Top Notch Google Extensions to Help you Work More Efficiently

google-extension The popularity of Google and all its products in the Internet world needs no introduction. Today and for the past several years, Google has been the most successful and the most favorite search engines. Indeed, it is far ahead, when you compare its competitors like Yahoo, Bing, MSN and other popular search engines.

The success of Google would not have been a complete story without all its extensions. Yes, there are several of them and it would be a tough task to make a choice between them. Here is my list of unique, yet useful Google extensions for you.

Download Master

Have you ever been to a website where you have found it necessary to download a couple of files that you are interested in? Well if you come across such a situation again, make use of Download Master extension which lets you download several files with just a single click of your mouse. You can select the links that you wish to download and go ahead. The built-in manager will take over and do the rest for you.

Google Dictionary

No more fumbling with words and wondering what on earth they could mean. Google Dictionary is here to bail you out. It is user-friendly, fast and reliable. All you need to do when you encounter a difficult word is to double click on it, and a pop-up will tell you the whole story in detail (it gives you the definition of the word) You could also use the tool bar dictionary to get more complete definitions of a particular word or phrase. You can also get meanings of words in foreign languages, for which you need to have the appropriate extension on your browser.


This is a unique Gmail extension that lets you create your own social profile for any friend, family or acquaintance whose email address you need to enter. It pulls all the information and feeds from the Web. This enhances your Gmail experience to a great extent. Experiment with it today and build a good rapport with people.


What with social media sites being very active, and every second or third person being a member in one or more of the sites. Sharing content online has become a fad today; however, it is a tedious affair as well. Addthis is here to remove the drudgery and help you share content on Twitter and Facebook in addition to many more. You can even translate your pages, print or bookmark them for later reference. You can even personalize and customize the list of services you need.


The new avatar of Read it Later is Pocket. This is for people who are terribly busy and just can’t find the time to read their favourite blogs or film reviews. All you need to do is to save it to Pocket and read it at leisure. Pocket is designed to automatically sync to your mobile phone, computer or tablet. This makes it convenient for you to view the saved information even while you are offline. It has options for one-click saving through integrated buttons, on Google Reader and Enhance your everyday reading with Pocket.

So that makes my unique and useful list of Google extensions. Hope they help you make your work faster and more efficient. Play around with them and share your thoughts. After all sharing helps us make our world, a better place to live in.

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