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My Brown Rivacase Tablet Bag


Rivacase 8112 Tablet Bag 10.2  - Brown

There are so many accessories available to protect our tablet from dust, scratch, shock, or water. In the rainy day, I have an Aquapac waterproof iPad case to make my tablet stays dry. But in common situation, whilst I transport my tablet around, I take my brown Rivacase Tablet Bag to keep it safe but still offering easy access. This shoulder bag supports up to 10.2″ tablet and features an internal pocket that enables me to store some iPad accessories and some books. On the outside, there are two additional pockets that I really love it.

Rivacase 8112 Tablet Bag 10.2  - Brown

Along with this shoulder bag, I also own a casual messenger bag that’s a little bit larger. I will take this out if I have to bring more items in my bag, but it would be a rare to happen in my urban activities in the weekend. More often I go to cafe with my iPad in hand and enjoying live music, so I prefer to stay compact and simple with the Rivacase, no question about it. Coming with a removable shoulder strap, I will tell you once again, it’s easy and convenient to carry and use.


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Rivacase 8112 Tablet Bag 10.2 - Brown
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