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The Trendiest Gadgets For 2013


s3fronts The year 2012 has come and gone, and with it all the technological innovations launched in 2012, making way for a flood of new gadgets in 2013.

We saw the release of a Samsung quad-core mobile phones with burst shoot capabilities, ginormous 84inch 3D HD televisions by LG with voice recognition that will set you back a pretty penny, and portable gaming with high quality graphics and touch capability of the PSP Vita. It was a year of much technological advancement which took years in the making. It was a remarkable year for the followers of technology as they were blessed with many cutting-edge products from small manufacturers up to the titans of the tech world. The year 2012 shall be remembered as a pretty great year for the tech world and needless to say, we have nothing to do but look forward to what 2013 has in store for us.

For you console gamers out there and fans of the Xbox 360, you better be prepared for the new Xbox 720 which is set to be unveiled in the summer of 2013. The new beast is supposedly going to be called Durango and packs a quad-core processor, 8GB RAM, Blu-ray capability, live TV recording, 3D gaming features with augmented reality glasses of course.

The next gadget takes us back to futuristic science fiction movies of the 80s and 90s. Get ready for the mindboggling Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard and Touchpad, within the year. Yes, the name is a mouth-full, but with this amount of innovation packed into one device, do we really care? This device is compatible with iOS, Windows XP, Vista, and Mac (no android yet as they may have not yet been able to get in touch with the proper channels) Not to mention, it is quite affordable at around $130-150!

To round off the trendiest gadgets for 2013, it would have to be the Google Smart-Glasses. This is a pair of wearable eyeglasses that is said to have the functionality of a smartphone. It is something that the engineers at Google have been working on for the past two years and techies around the world have been waiting for in anticipation. It is still too early to tell what other capabilities it will have but with a long-awaited arrival onto the market, it’s safe to say that consumers should expect nothing less than amazing – it is after all a Google creation.


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