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What are the Benefits of Fibre Broadband?

fibre broadband The rollout of fibre optic broadband from providers like TalkTalk is the subject of a lot of buzz right now; everyone wants to be part of the superfast revolution. But how do superfast internet connections work, and what are the benefits of a fibre connection over traditional copper wire phone line connections?

Fibre broadband transmits your internet connection through fibre optic wires which are capable of maintaining strong signal over much greater distances than a phone line, and are much less susceptible to interference. A fibre connection can also deliver much higher speeds – which will become increasingly handy over the next few years as we continue to place great demand on our internet connections.

If you are getting online through a typical ADSL copper wire connection, you may experience various issues with your connection. For example, during peak usage times you may see your connection slow down significantly as other people log on and there is less signal to go around. Problems with internal wiring or the eventual decay of the copper wire delivering your connection can also causes problems in the long term.

Your ADSL broadband speed is likely be limited to around 24Mbps, whereas a fibre connection has the potential to go much, much faster. Although 24Mbps is sufficient for many users at the moment, it will start to look pretty basic over the next few years as much faster connections become the norm. A fibre connection could offer you speeds of well over 100Mbps right now, and this number will increase again over the next few years. This makes fibre connections ideal for heavy internet users, including online gamers and those who stream movies, TV or download music regularly.

Family homes or shared houses are likely to benefit particularly from a fibre connection. These households often have a range of internet user types – from low users who just log on to check emails, get directions and read the news, to heavy users as described above. Many providers now offer superfast connections wherever available, so it is well worth considering making the move to fibre if you can.

There are two different types of fibre optic broadband; fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) and fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP). With FTTC technology all the homes or premises on a street gain access to the internet using the same connection; supplied to a local cabinet. FTTP technology means every building receives its own fibre cable. This option provides the strongest and best connection – but it is of course much harder to implement and requires a much more complicated broadband infrastructure. So your fibre connection is likely to be supplied using FTTC technology.

If you or those you share your internet with are heavy internet users, or if you are running a business or enterprise, a fibre broadband connection will give you much faster upload and download speeds, less interference and a connection that is less vulnerable to decay over time – and fibre broadband is the future of home internet access globally so join the revolution and start surfing superfast now!

Winbot to Debut at CES 2013


When it comes to window cleaning, Ecovacs Robotics has wiped out the competition and moved up to a distinctly higher plane of robotic cleaning. Executive General Manager, Nick Savadian said, “While others are still trying to clean floors, we’ve move on to windows and I’m very pleased to say we do windows really well too.” Winbot, the first successful robotic device exclusively created for cleaning inside and outside windows, will debut on Jan. 8, 2013 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.


CDW Cloud Collaboration, Your True Cloud Based Solution!


No doubt, the cloud service has become a trending in business solution. An easy access and tight security gives the staffs and others who involving in the company a great mobility and safe place to support their job from anywhere, anytime, on any devices they love to. Maybe, that's a reason why the CDW Cloud Collaboration is here.

 CDW Cloud Collaboration is a new solution in CDW's solution and services portfolio that leverage Unified Communication to provide staffs the ability to seamlessly collaborate through collaboration tools from Cisco Systems with CDW's managed service. Short of, this service will pack your business tools : email, voicemail, video conferencing, blog, customer service support, file sharing and others in one interface, accessible on one device to simplify and speedy the interaction between staff-to-staff or staff-to-customer for gaining better productivity.

So, why CDW Cloud Collaboration not others? The first reason is this service is run by CDW. Even though, it's a new solution in their portfolio, but don't even think that they are a beginner in this field, They have ton experiences, handling Unified Communication or to host collaboration tools are their daily basis. It's just like their sister. In a fact, they already completed more than 4,000 Cisco Unified Communication developments in past decade.

The second, CDW plants this service at their own Tier III-IV facility of 485,000-square-foot data center with the latest technology of world class virtualized architecture. It ensures your Cloud Collaboration service has speedy access and compromising security. So, you are worry-free from being hacked or the service will suddenly stop or not responding.  The service will always stay on, safe and fast whenever you need it.

The third, CDW has many expert staffs in their box, over 50 CDW's staffs are Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts.  When you decided to purchase this service, you don't need to be troubled by how to manage the complexity of hardware and software, the expert staffs will be there, smiling and setting everything for you. Perhaps, it's too much for your IT staffs, but for them, it's like eating hotdogs, as simple as that. And they are always ready for 24×7, day and night, to support your need.

At last but not least, the package of this service is very flexible. Whether you are running a small or big business, you will find a fittest service package that suitable for your business. More, the package is pay-as-you-go model. So, you don't have to pay what you don't use.

With a competent company, world class facility, world class staffs with world class support and service, this CDW Cloud Collaboration is your true cloud based solution. If you need more info about this service please read more at CDW’s Solutions blog and watch the video below.


CDW is a current advertiser on my blog.  All opinions are mine.

Galaxy Grand, Once More Galaxy is Born!

Samsung GALAXY Grand

Targeting consumers who love smartphone with jumbo screen, Galaxy Grand is on its way to hit the shelves. Featuring a 5-inch display, this smartphone is a half-inch smaller than Galaxy Note II, but a bit larger than Galaxy S3. Galaxy Grand is offered in Dual SIM and single SIM version to give customers more option to choose. It will be cheaper than S3 as it comes with lower technical specification: weaker processor and lower display resolution.

Satellite U845W Ultrabook Embedded with Harman Kardon

 Toshiba® Satellite® U845W Ultrabook

Harman Kardon and Toshiba have extended their working relationship and are introducing several new products embedded with Harman Kardon speakers. This includes laptops but could also include additional products in the near future. The Toshiba Satellite U845W leads the release and is an example of the agreement. Already on the market with starting price of $929.99, this ultrabook is equipped with two Harman Kardon speakers featuring Odyssey drivers.

OLIVE ONE All-in-One HD Music Player

OLIVE ONE all-in-one HD Music Player

OLIVE ONE will revolutionize the way you can enjoy music at home. Designed with an open architecture, this all-in-one HD Music Player will allow everyone to participate in the development process. By one simple touch-screen interface, users can playing music easily. And one thing that make you more happy, you can control the music through iOS and Andorid devices. But don’t forget to connect the speakers unless you don’t want to hear the melody. If you love to be entertained with Spotify, Pandora, and YouTube, don’t worry, OLIVE ONE is also capable to stream it through WiFi.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker by HiddenRadio

Portable Bluetooth Speaker by HiddenRadio

The new compact yet powerful HiddenRadio Wireless Speaker and FM radio all-in-one is now available with pricing starting at $149.95. Offered in Metallic Silver, Graphite Black or Pure White, this portable speaker features 360° Sound for a full audio experience to over 90dB. Key Features: Multifunctional; Iconic Design; Simple, Intuitive, Loud; Truly Portable; and Wireless Freedom.

Best Apps to Help You Save Money

These days, it seems like everything comes with a price tag. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to pay high-end prices for middle- to low-end products. Although couponing is a good way for families to save some quick cash, it’s time-consuming and complicated at times.

But if you own a smartphone, you can download certain apps to help you save cash when you’re out and about. Not only are these money-saving apps easy to use, but they also live in your phone and are easily accessible! Here are some of our favorites that no consumer should leave home without:

  • Skype. If you’re a frequent world traveler or have friends and family living in other countries, Skype is a must-have app for international calling. Long-distance rates are no joke.
  • RedLaser. Want to make sure you’re getting the best deal on a certain product? Just use RedLaser to scan the product’s barcode and see what other retailers are selling it for.
  • GasBuddy. Since gas prices can vary up to 20 cents per gallon in some areas, GasBuddy helps you find the cheapest gas prices in your area with one tap of your finger.

Anne Perkins is a freelance writer focused on how to live large on a little living. She writes for the online payday loanlender, QuickQuid, and enjoys taking any idea and making it easier or cheaper to complete.