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Your Storage Management and Virtualization Solution


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Whether it's a big or small business, there is data that needs to be managed and stored. It wouldn’t be problem at all when there are only a few bits of data. The problem is the data grows week by week, year to year. It leads to large amount of more complex data into the IT environment. When that time comes, if you are in charge to handle it, you will realize a common IT solution is not a smart solution, you need special one.
CDW, Computer Discount Warehouse, a leading provider of technology products and service for business, government, and education, has a service to deal with your problem, CDW's data storage management and virtualization.
With such a large amount of data involved, you most likely have to store it in various places on your computer. Hence, it's not an easy task to manage and monitor the stored data. We must have the right answer to how the data should be stored, which storage that is overused or not, which data that should be deleted or kept, how to give a quick access, or do we need more storage for data and so on. The CDW's data storage management and virtualization solution is here for that.
The data storage management solution comes with  storage management software, archiving software, E-Discovery software and Data De-duplication feature inside the Blade Servers will simplify our data storage systems, so we have flexible, systematic, standard , and less redundant stored data. Meanwhile the data storage virtualization solution will properly store the data to their block across the Storage Area Networks and virtualize the stored data to be appear as a single 'virtual' data storage system.
Indeed, by having CDW's Data Storage Management and Virtualization solution integrates into our IT data storage systems, it will Reduce Your IT Data Storage Requirements by 20-40% or more as well as the users can easily access, search, index the stored data.
If you want to know how you should manage your data and …your sanity , you can download CDW's Red Report free for limited time. This document gives you an exclusive insider view, so you can learn how to: gain faster access to critical info, better support your workforce, protect organizational data, and eliminate infrastructure inefficiencies.


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