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Coolpad Quattro 4G LTE Phone


Utilizing MetroPCS’s 4G LTE network, the new Coolpad Quattro 4G phone also includes features such as a 1GHz dedicated Cortex A8 CPU, 4” WVGA display, music player, and audio enhancements such as DTS Envelo. As you’ve already known, 4G LTE network offers fast Internet browsing and streaming media, and credit to GCT’s 4G LTE single-chip that powers the phone. Have you heard Coolpad before? It is a well-known smartphone brand in Asia.

“Coolpad selected GCT’s LTE chip for our new 4G LTE device because of GCT’s good performance and chip maturity,” said Eric Li, senior product manager, Coolpad. “We believe GCT’s chip is ideally suited to support Coolpad in the development of our brand strategy in the U.S. market. Coolpad is committed to delivering on our promise to help our customers benefit from live smart experiences.”

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