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ateljé Lyktan Plug Lamp with Electrical Socket

ateljé Lyktan Plug Lamp by FUWL

Designed by FUWL, the ateljé Lyktan Plug Lamp is made to offer an extra electrical socket to solve modern problem. Nowadays, it is common to look for a plug socket to charge our computer, tablet, digital camera, smartphone, or anything else. I think we need more electricity now than before, I hope the solar energy can be used more than today. The Plug Lamp has a bulbous shape and a base in molded and powder coated aluminium, here the plug socket is displayed centrally, making it a decorative detail. The light itself is concealed by an opal glass shade and the lamp is dimmable.

Looking at the design, the ateljé Lyktan Plug Lamp integrates the socket in the lamp and eliminate the annoying process of searching for a socket or having to unplug something in order to acces an electrical point. I know that feeling, and I think you know more than me, right?

ateljé Lyktan Plug Lamp by FUWL

Actually a lamp with an integrated electrical socket is not a new thing, I used such device in my narrow room long time ago when I was living in a boarding house. But the ateljé Lyktan Plug Lamp comes to us with unique design, I don’t know whether you like it or not, but I’m sure it will be what supposed to be. Are you feeling lucky? Find your favourite plug lamp with electrical socket at or visit Gadgeture to stay on the edge of gadget world.


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