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How ‘Mobile Phone Spy’ Playing Large Role in Divorce Cases

Smartphone Evolution

Divorce proceedings have seen unprecedented levels of change thanks to technological innovations. Where once evidence against wayward spouses was relatively difficult to obtain, today social media and mobile phone apps are being used to spy on errant partners and gather evidence by those seeking to exit a marriage. It’s worth taking a look at exactly what is happening and what the effects of these developments are.

Social Media

Social-networking sites have been cited as factors in many divorce cases over the past decade, often as evidence for unreasonable behaviour or infidelity. Suspicious spouses have logged on to their partner’s Facebook or Twitter accounts and found and recorded evidence of incriminating posts, photographs and status updates that suggest that there’s infidelity at play. Often the ‘guilty’ partner has argued that their social-media account doesn’t represent or mirror ‘real life’. However, usually the damage has been done and the courts are increasingly viewing posts on these sites as legitimate pieces of evidence in divorce cases.

AirStash Wireless Flash Drive: Photographer’s Best Friend

Hello photography enthusiasts, I know that instagram app is one of your favorites apps, and I think it’s safe to claim that you use it daily or at least weekly to share the moments you love, is that right? Forget it, there is another great inventing that could support what you love to do in the world of photography? It’s the AirStash Wireless Flash Drive which can save you when your iPhone or iPad runs out of storage space.

Combined with the AirStash+ app, the AirStash offers two way wireless storage for the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and other wireless devices. Users can capture photos anywhere without worrying about running out of iPhone storage or accidentally losing your captured memories. If your iPhone/iPad gettinng full, what you need to do to keep the great moment continues, is run the AirStash+ app to backup your camera roll (including video) to your AirStash Wireless Flash Drive for unlimited storage with interchangeable SD cards. And another good thing, this device allows you to share your photos with up to eight friends instantly through any compatible WiFi-enabled device.

Toshiba’s New 15.6-inch Diagonal USB 3.0 Mobile Monitor, Do We Need Them?

Toshiba 15.6-inch Diagonal USB 3.0 Mobile Monitor

Do we need an extra monitor while working on our laptop? Seeing that Toshiba introduces new mobile monitor, I think the answer is yes, there is demand. So what kind of monitor is it? It’s a mobile monitor with 15.6-inch display size that connects to any Windows-based laptop through USB 3.0. You may wonder who really needs an extra monitor, let’s say salepeople, finance professional, or any who make presentations are their daily activities. It makes a sense, right? They usually want larger display, but don’t want the hassle of projector while doing presentation in hotel lobby.

The Toshiba’s new 15.6-inch Diagonal USB 3.0 LED Mobile Monitor will hit the stores in April 2012 for pricing to be announced. Weighing about 3.6 pounds (1.6 kg) and measuring under 1-inch thickness, this monitor features 1366×768 HD resolution and packed with a hybrid case/stand for on the usage, looks like an iPad 2?. Along with this mobile monitor, toshiba also planned to sell other new accessories this month for $179.99. What is it? it’s new dynadock U3.0, a universal USB 3.0 docking station.

All-New JABRA SPORT Bluetooth Headset Meets Military Standard

It’s not from Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, or America, but it comes from India. The Jabra SPORT Bluetooth stereo headset is designed to be your beautiful partner while you’re exercising in the late morning. Doing excercise sometime very challenging, we need to fight our laziness. If you think music can be a perfect cure to overcome the laziness, then I’ll be the first person to back your opinion, because I love music more than anything in the world.

Listening music while making some calls are possible using this headset, but What is the special feature you can have from the new Jabra SPORT headset? This Bluetooth headset is able to connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously, that’s great. Designed for outdoor use, the Jabra SPORT also meete military-grade rain, dust and shock resistant.

Toshiba L7200 Cinema Series LED Smart 3D TV

Toshiba L7200 3D Smart TV

Everything seems smarter nowadays, not only mobile phone, TV is now also upgraded to become “smart TV”. If you want to enjoy 3D more special than watching on your laptop, then I think you need a dedicated 3D TV that’s smart enough to understand what you want to see. Let’s see the Toshiba L7200 Cinema Series LED Smart 3D TV, is this what you’re looking for? Powered by dual core CQ Engine, this TV has smart features including ePortal, MediaGuide, Open Browser, SearchAll, MediaShare, Send & Play, eManual, Tablet Remote App Capability (TRAC), and built-in Wi-Fi.

The L7200 Smart 3D TV uses Passive 3D Technology, it means users only need a pair of passive 3D glasses to enjoy the 3D contents including movies and games. With smart features, TV getting closer to the computer’s functionality. It offers users a freedom and flexibility in enjoying contents. And I think one of the most exciting features is “SearchAll” that allows users to enter any keyword and automatically search TV channels, streaming video and the home network for related content, wow is that Google on the TV? Regarding I/O ports, the L7200 Cinema Series features 4 HDMI ports, 2x USB video ports and an HD PC input.

Top most Blackberry Camera Apps to enhance your Photography Experience

bb ap world

BlackBerry smartphones are still admired by corporate professionals for their features and services. However, they lag behind in terms of number of apps offered by Android or iPhones. There are not many camera apps available for BackBerry. Here is a short list of top camera apps that can inspire you in taking and editing photos on your BlackBerry smartphone.


This is a free photo editor that allows you to correct and adjust your images and apply effects on them. You can edit the photos taken by camera of your BlackBerry phone or the images that you have loaded on your phone. While editing an image the toolbar is displayed under the screen for easy access. You can tweak hue, contrast, brightness and color by going to the Settings. There are also standard tools for cropping, resizing, rotating an image and red eye remover. You can select from a wide range of Image Effects and different frames for your images. While the app is simple and user friendly with various image effects you may be missing the text tool.


With this unique BlackBerry camera app, you can take image of the screen of your BlackBerry phone. The app takes image of your screen and saves it memory card or internal memory of the phone. After you have opened the app, click the ‘screen shot taking’. You can hear the sound of camera shutter. There is no limitation of time for taking screenshots and you can email the shots you have taken. Images can be stored in several formats like JPEG, WBMP, TIFF, BMP,PNG and GIF.

3D Gaming without Glasses? Qosmio F755 3D Laptop!

Qosmio F755 3D Glasses-free 3D laptop

Toshiba has a great news for 3D gamers. It’s now possible to enjoy 3D gaming on laptop without glasses, thanks to the new Qosmio F755 3D that features Optimized for NVIDIA® GeForce® 3D. To benefit this exciting feature on your current Qosmio F755 3D, you need to download the update from Toshiba’s Service Station utility. Yea it’s worth to try, and start experience tons of PC games in 3D without the hassle of wearing 3D glasses.

I’m not in a position to explain the technology behind all of this achievment. But Toshiba says the laptop uses auto-stereoscopic display technology that is able to project two sets of images at the same time, splitting them between the left and right eyes to create the 3D effect. Regarding powerhouse, the Qosmio F755 3D is powered by Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT 540M graphics processor with 1GB of GDDR3 graphics memory (it’s a bit obsolete, right?), up to 8GB RAM, and a 750GB hard drive. The rest of features include: Built-in harman/kardon speakers, Dolby and Waves Audio technology, HDMI 1.4 port, and Blu-ray Disc rewriteable drive (on select model).

Logitech Cube: Mouse and Presenter!

Logitech Cube: Mouse and Presenter!

Logitech has a new thing for businessmen who often give presentation for their clients or business partners, the Logitech Cube. Unlike the common mouse available in the market, the shape of the cube is unique. Coming with a cube shape, the Logitech Cube scrolls when the main panel is swiped by your finger just like an iPhone or others touchscreen smartphones, it’s possible because of Logitech’s Flow Scroll software.

To switch to presenter mode, no button needed, just lift it in the air and it will be in presenter mode automatically. And controlling the slides of presentation is easy, what you need to do is simply clicking the top of the mouse. Priced at $69.99, the Logitech Cube comes with a small Logitech Unifying receiver that works on 2.4 GHz network. The receiver supports up to six connectivity of compatible devices, so you don’t need separate receiver for keyboard, number pad, etc.