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Archive for December, 2011

Wacom’s New Bambbo Tablet will Take a Stage at CES 2012

Wacom Bamboo Connect Tablet

Honestly, I have never visited the CES trade show , but it doesn’t stop me to cover the excitement on this small blog. And I can tell you from here, that at the upcoming CES, you can take the chance to see the Wacom’s new line of Bamboo tablets including Bamboo Connect, Bamboo Capture and Bamboo Create. Highlights: new sleek designs; patented pressure-sensitive pens; wireless adaptability (in Bamboo Capture and Bamboo Create only); and unique software bundles. Available online at Amazon, the Bamboo Connect, Bamboo Capture and Bamboo Create are priced at $79.95, $99.95, and $199.95 respectively.

ASUS P1 Portable LED Projector — Tom & Jerry Could Play It!

Released by ASUS, the P1 Portable LED Projector was designed with business and entertainment use in mind. The compact projector is rated at 200 ANSI lumens and projects visuals in HD 1280 x 800. The mercury-free Eco-LED light source used in the P1 has a lifespan of up to 30,000 hours or equal to 20 years if the P1 was used 4 hours daily. Expected to be available in Q1 2012, the P1 weighs at just 415g, and has dimensions similar to a CD case (W125.5 x H33.5 x L130 mm).

Swarovski iPhone 4S for the Rich

Swarovski iPhone 4S from Amosu Couture

Amosu Couture is customizing the new iPhone 4S to create a masterpiece by encrusting its structure with over 470 Swarovski crystallized elements. This art work giving the iPhone 4S a magnificent dazzling effect allowing you to surely stand out for the entire holiday period. Do you know how much it costs? Available for order on, it will set you back £1999. This is also available in 24ct yellow gold for £2099 (further options are available to have your name or company logo printed on the back of the handset). Take it?

Sonim XP 3400 Armor on C Spire

C Spire Wireless is adding the Sonim XP 3400 Armor to its device line-up. Mentioned as the world’s most rugged wireless device, the Sonim XP 3400 Armor combines ultra-rugged features with the speed and reliability of mobile broadband to offer a highly reliable lifeline for users who work in some of the harshest environments anywhere, like farmers, oil rigs, construction and utility workers, law enforcement, fire protection and more.

DM Music Ear Plugs from Crescendo

DM Music Ear Plugs

Released by Crescendo Hearing Protection, the DM Music Ear Plugs allows user to control the volume level without losing the original sound. It also can be upgraded down the line by being combined with custom ear molds. The DM line offers four color-coded options, each with a different level of strength for protecting the ear against damage from high-decibel music. Options, all of which are universal fit and upgradable, include black (25dB), white (20dB), blue (15dB) and green (10dB).


Linking Mobile Devices to Home Electronics is Getting Popular

We have seen that wireless technology has literally become part of our daily lives and practically a utility. Mobile phone technology could be responsible for having really set the snowball rolling. Now we are enamoured by the way this technology have evolved, merged and mutated, to change our work and lifestyles henceforth. Connectivity is the mantra that’s currently ruling the Tech-world.

Mobile devices are getting smarter as they are empowered with better electronics, faster microprocessors, backed by apps and runs on powerful UI’s. We see that increasingly home electronics products are enabled with connectivity of cable or by wireless for various reasons, primarily for convenience and content.

A good example of wired connections is HDMI, which is more than just the name of a port. It is for allowing high definition electronic devices to communicate. High Definition Multimedia Interface is a digital connector that can transfer High-Definition video and also carry many digital audio channels. It has many advantages and no risk of quality loss in signals.

Hot Digital Cameras for Everyone

There are many high-quality, in-demand cameras in the digital camera market. There’s a good reason for this, since digital cameras are available at various price points and feature sets aimed at everyone from the neophyte to the pro and all in between. Here’s a look at some of the hottest digital cameras out there right now. These popular selections are sure to appeal to every camera buyer, from the professional photographers to those who just want to shoot like one.

The Entry Level Affordable Point and Shoot

Sony’s Cybershot series has offered a wide range of affordable point and shoot digital cameras since 1996. They’re known for their quality and ease of use as much as their reasonable prices. The latest range of inexpensive Sony Cyber Shot cameras include the W530, W560 and the WX9, ranging from 14.1 to 16.2 megapixels at a wallet friendly range of $90 – $160.

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W530

Pop-up MicroLites, Take It and Love It!

Pop-up MicroLites - Hands-Free Micro-Lighting

Designed and made by MicroLite Tech, the Pop-up MicroLites offers hands-free illumination of toolboxes, locks, dashboards, breaker panels, remote controls, clipboards, purses, emergency kits, computer ports, and so much more. Priced under $10, the Pop-up MicroLites attaches adhesively but a magnetic version will soon also be available.