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shadowstand by nendo


This is the new iphone + ipad stand for ELECOM. Designed by nendo, the stand seems to cast a shadow like a single flower in a vase. A design that plays with the illusion of presence and absence by abstractly imitating the shadows created by light shone on an object.



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© Hiroshi Iwasaki
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© Hiroshi Iwasaki
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[text from nendo] A USB stick in the shape of a paperclip. It can clip to a stack of documents, business cards or memos for handing data‚ to a colleague or ...
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[Text from nendo] Ruinart was interested in a new perspective on urban living that celebrates all the city has to offer through picnicking, rather than trying to escape from the city. ...
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otokurage Earphones for ELECOM / by nendo
Ceramic Audio Speaker by nendo [Design Concept]
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