Best Way to Test Your Home Theater in Full HD Way

The modern world of HD video technology is flourishing with high tech playback devices such as Blu-ray players, HD TVs and even smartphones, capable of processing the highest bitrates of streaming data. Most of the TV stations worldwide broadcast crystal clear images in digital format showing us the beauty of full HD films, music videos, 3D animation and even cartoons. The average viewer doesn’t even know the technical specs that stand behind such broadcasts and the video quality seems to top our expectations.

The real quality comes into play when you test your home theater against it’s limits. The average HD broadcast has a bitrate of around 9000kb/s while a conventional Blu-ray player connected to your flatscreen seems to travel at the speeds of a racing car with up to 54 Mb/s.

Watching your favorite movie in the highest quality possible from a Blu-ray disc shows a stunning difference but think about it for a while… Those rapidly changing images tire your eyes and you don’t really get the chance to feel high definition reality anyway. That’s exactly when you feel like using your home theater to play some soothing music for a change.

But what might be a better solution here when it’s time to relax in front of your powerful video equipment and surround sound system? This is when an absolutely new concept of lounge nature videos comes handy. LoungeV video production company knows how to take your senses to some exotic place in high definition way! These guys offer stunning HD films of nature recorded with 5.1 surround sound, just perfect for your home theater. Try to chill with the sounds of birds and spectacular natural landscapes. Full HD video download is available on the official site as well as exclusive stock footage with hundreds of nature short clips.

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