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Archive for May, 2011

11, 21 and 43 Port Kanguru USB Duplicator

21 Port Kanguru USB Duplicator

Kanguru released new USB Duplicators intended to streamline the loading of data onto multiple USB devices. Featuring a built-in 500GB hard drive for storing duplication jobs, Kanguru USB Duplicators come equipped with a multi-function Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) that displays duplication options including “Full”, “Brief”, “Resize” and “Smart” for a variety of copying modes. They are compatible with all USB standards, including USB 3.0 (at USB2.0 speeds). Kanguru USB Duplicators are available in 11, 21 and 43 Target models.


Garmin Montana Rugged GPS Device

garmin montana 650t

Garmin announced the Montana™ handheld GPS device. Featuring a ruggedized design with multiple mounting and battery options, dual-orientation and screen layout options and support for a wide range of Garmin cartography, the Montana has a barometric altimeter for elevation profiling and ability to profile the route ahead using included worldwide elevation model. The included 3-axis compass gives it a heading while standing still or not held level. Montana’s responsive touchscreen is a sprawling 4-inches and the photos taken by its 5-megapixel autofocus camera are displayed in sunlight-readable brilliant color.


ETO Portable Charging Devices


Available in four different models, ETO portable charging devices come with multiple connectors to charge all major brands of mobile phones, smart phones, iPods & MP3/MP4 players, Bluetooth devices, laptops, portable gaming consoles, etc. and it can also be used with digital cameras, digital camcorders and PSPs.

InvoTek Safe Laser System for Computer Access

Safe Laser System for Computer Access InvoTek

InvoTek launched a new product using safe laser technology that enables a person with limited movement to write, communicate, and control their environment. Unveiled at the Abilities Expo 2011, the Safe Laser System projects a low-power light-beam onto a light-sensing customizable keyboard. The device can generate a synthetic voice or output keystrokes to a computer. Priced at $2,200, the Safe Laser System is available through the InvoTek website.


Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 Generation 2 (DTU30G2)

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 Generation 2 (DTU30G2)

Kingston Digital launched its fastest USB Flash drive, the Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0 Generation 2 (DTU30G2). Using a native USB 3.0 controller for better performance and power management, the DTU30G2 has a read speed up to 100MB/s, and a write speed up to 70 MB/s. When plugged into a USB 2.0 port, the drive has read and write speeds of around 30MB/s. The DTU30G2 is available in 16-, 32- and 64GB capacities.


RDP-M15iP Portable Speaker Dock from Sony

sony RDP-M5iP iPod speaker dock

Compatible with iPod/iPhone models, the Sony‘s new RDP-M15iP portable speaker dock delivers a powerful 10W+10W of crisp stereo sound from its elegantly sleek body. Using it is easy, just slip in your player to share music and video content from your iTunes library while the battery of your iPod/iPhone recharges. The speaker dock’s rechargeable battery allows up to a generous 6 hours listening time if you’re far from a power socket. Expected to be available in June 2011, the RDP-M15iP also comes supplied with a soft protective carry pouch if want to pack the speaker dock for a holiday break or business trip.


Multi-Touch Desktop Display from Perceptive Pixel

Perceptive Pixel Multi-Touch Desktop Display

Perceptive Pixel unveiled the world’s first professional multi-touch desktop display, a high-resolution, optically-bonded, projected capacitive 27″ LCD display. The new 27″ display enables users to work directly on screen to access and manipulate complex data and workflows, leading to higher productivity and faster decision-making. I want to work with it, sure.

Bamboo iPhone 4 Case for Japan

Bamboo iPhone 4 Case

Primary Case Company will launch a new line of luxury cell phone cases to help those in need in Japan. The back of the case is made entirely of highly sustainable, environmentally friendly bamboo, with silicone sidings to ensure a secure grip. The inscription on the back of this eco-friendly bamboo case reads “Courage” in both English and Japanese, and includes the exact time and date of the disaster.