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Archive for April, 2011

TISSOT Steven Stamkos PRC 200 Limited Edition


Just in time for Stanley Cup Hockey: TISSOT Steven Stamkos PRC 200 Limited Edition. The watch for all occasions, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, water resistance up to 200m/660ft. Price: $550.

Is an SLR the Way Forward for Your Next Digital Camera?

Pentax Korejanairobo K-r DSLR camera

Digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) cameras were once only used in the realms of professional photography but can now be used by amateurs keen to achieve a professional-looking finish.

If you are looking for cheap digital cameras that will give you the best result, SLR cameras are a little more expensive but compared to a professional (and professionally priced) camera, are worth it.

Is a Laptop for You?

Laptop Box

Most laptop users can be classed as only using them on a casual or travelling basis. If so, it’s important not to spend too much on a machine and to get the model that’s right for you.

If you only use your laptop to surf the internet, check your emails and listen to music, you do not need to spend a fortune on a fantastic model. You can get a perfectly adequate model for well under £400 and prices continue to fall, so £300 would be a good benchmark.

iPod Touch

iPod touch

Since the creation of the original iPod back in 2001, Apple has consistently found ways to tweak the hugely successful formula to cater to different markets. The most recent iPod to launch was the iPod Touch back in 2007 which is now on it’s fourth generation.

At the heart of every iPod is it’s music player and the iPod Touch is no exception. The iPod Touch provides the high quality of sound consumers have come to expect from the iPod range.

GoGoEn Enjoy Party 100 Game for iOS Devices

GoGoEn Enjoy Party 100 rocking party games

GoGoEn released the party game application “Enjoy Party 100 rocking party games. Play anytime, anywhere, and with anyone” that contains 100 mini games for iPhone/iPod and touch/iPad. Available on the iTunes Store since April 20, “Enjoy Party” is more enjoyable with more players. From the simple game using ACTION and INSPIRATION which can be enjoyed in short times to variety of game styles which can be played shaking the terminal, passing it to another person or playing it in order.

Wyse’s PocketCloud 1.2 for Android

PocketCloud for Android

Wyse’s PocketCloud for Android is a free app that lets users access and control their home PC or Mac from anywhere over Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G. PocketCloud works for both Android smartphones and tablets. Version 1.2 is packed with updates including a Honeycomb-inspired interface that takes full advantage of the larger screen, with new layouts, navigation and user interface elements.

Redesign Victorie Yacths V37 and V42 by Powerhouse Company

Redesign Victorie Yacths V37 by Powerhouse Company

Koopmans Yacht Designers and the renowned Dutch-Danish design company Powerhouse Company do the redesign of these models. The existing successful models were adapted to the contemporary requirements of modern yachts. Nanne de Ru and Charles Bessard, founders of Powerhouse Company, are responsible for the redesign of the ships and the design of the interior. Dick Koopmans is responsible for the technical details and safeguards the sailing properties of these models.

Fantastic Pets Video Game from THQ for Xbox 360

Fantastic Pets Video Game from THQ

Announced last year, the new Fantastic Pets video game from THQ combines augmented reality with the Kinect for Xbox 360. Available now at $49.99, Fantastic Pets brings animals to life in a way unlike any other pet simulation game. Augmented reality technology makes it possible for players to see themselves in real time on the TV screen interacting with a pet they have created – as ordinary as a puppy or as whimsical as a dragon – that respond to their gesture and voice commands, similar to how they would interact with a real pet.