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Introducing the mBrace! Accessory for Macbook Pro

mBrace  accessory for your Macbook Pro

The mBrace, a new Kickstarter Project from Terrance Kirkwood and Creativity Different, is a simple accessory for your Macbook Pro. The mBrace, made from Acetal plastic and Uretek fabric, easily and securely attaches to a Macbook. You can leave it on your Macbook Pro all the time because even with the mBrace attached, the Macbook Pro still fits nicely in most bags and sleeves with no problem. But just in case, the mBrace detaches as effortlessly as it attaches to your notebook. And as a bonus, when attached the handle can rest underneath the Macbook Pro to provide an angled keyboard and ventilation prop.

mBrace  accessory for your Macbook Pro



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