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Gateway’s DX Series of Multimedia PCs


Gateway   DX Series of Multimedia PCs

Gateway announced the new models of its DX series of multimedia PCs. Designed for digital photography, video editing, graphic/content creation or watching streaming video, the new DX series now offer the second-generation Intel Core i5 2300 Processor, NVIDIA GeForce graphics or Intel HD Graphics 2000, Intel H67 Express Chipset, wireless capabilities, Blu-ray and an additional hard drive expansion bay that allows the PCs to be configured up to 3.5TB of massive storage space. Regarding sound, it supports 5.1-channel high definition audio.

Featuring bold new designs, Gateway’s DX Series of multimedia PCs now boast soft curves, glossy black finishes and internal side lighting. In addition, the top front edge of the PCs are curved at a 45 degree angle, providing easy access to the digital media card reader and frequently used USB ports and headphone and microphone jacks. New models in the DX line include the DX4350-43, DX4850-27e and DX4850-45. MSRPs range from $599.99 to $749.99.



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