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ML2.2 Power Amplifier by LAMM INDUSTRIES [CES 2011]


LAMM INDUSTRIES announced the availability of its new product — ML2.2 power amplifier, the successor of the original ML2 and ML2.1. Awarded as the most innovative product of the year in the “specialty audio” category, the ML2 was a first single-ended amplifier on the market capable of reproducing a full range of audio frequencies and recreating the original spectral balance and harmonic structure of the recorded material with almost 100% accuracy.

ML2.2 Power Amplifier by LAMM INDUSTRIES

Handcrafted of the finest materials, the ML2.2 features the following upgrades: • New power transformer • Input stage totally redesigned and based on that of the ML3 Signature amplifier. • Five filter chokes (compared to two in the ML2.1) • Plate fuse holder located on top of the amplifier’s chassis for greater customer convenience • Utilization of a much higher quality pc-board, and parts and materials that have become available in recent years • Introduction of an option to turn the amp on/off remotely.

ML2.2 Power Amplifier by LAMM INDUSTRIES



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