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Tendril Vision Home Energy Display Will be Unveiled at DistribuTECH


Tendril will debut its next generation in-home display at DistribuTECH March 23 -25, 2010 at the Tampa Convention Center. The Tendril Vision allows people to link directly with their utility to get meaningful, real-time information about their energy use and cost. It can reduce their energy consumption by an average of 10 to 15 percent. The Tendril Vision is approximately 8 inches by 6 inches and weighs less than two pounds.

Among the unique features of the Tendril Vision:

  • It is anchored in a household appliance similar to a digital clock. This promotes active engagement with utility customers because it provides continuous information via a device that is unobtrusive, intuitive and an accepted part of everyday living.
  • Vision displays upcoming, real-time events so customers can plan accordingly. For example, Vision will display a visual cue for an upcoming demand response event and peak pricing period. Seeing this, a homeowner could wait to run the dishwasher, turn down the thermostat, or leave the house to run errands in order to save money during that time.
  • The real-time data display is also accompanied by a web portal service that allows customers to look at detailed information online as well as create, and manage, their own customized energy use plan.



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