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Archive for January, 2010

i.wakeup Sunrise Clock: Dawn Simulation Alarm


i.wakeup Sunrise Clock is a dawn simulator that uses gentle light to wake you up naturally without the sound of an alarm. Features: 30 minutes of fade-in period for wake-up light (60W); built-in digital FM; motion snooze – just wave your hand to actvate; plug-in your MP3 player, includes 5 shooting sounds to aid relaxation. Priced at about $130, you can buy it from Oregon.


Apple iPad is a Big iPhone


So the hype is over or just re-started, it’s not important for end users. Scheduled to ship in the next 60 days, the long-rumored Apple’s tablet – called iPad, has been officially announced by Steve Jobs yesterday. The iPad is mentioned as the Apple’s most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an believable price, starting $499. Running on iPhone OS, the iPad is able to runs almost 140,000 apps from the App Store. And additionally it also features iBooks app with its built-in iBookstore that allows users to read eBooks even in low light, thank to the LED-backlit screen.


Friis Coffee Savor with New Ventilation Technology [Coffee Storage]


Do you drink coffee everyday? then you may need a proper coffee storage just to make the taste of your coffee always on its top condition. And I have a good news for you. The Friis Coffee Savor is mentioned as the world’s first canister to include the innovative valve in its coffee storage solution which blocks out moisture, light and air in addition to venting the destructive CO2 gases. Designed for home use, the storage utilizing the new ventilation technology to preserve the flavor of rich-tasting coffee, thank to the patented Friis Freshness Valve.

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Gunnar Optiks’ Stylish 3D Glasses


So 3D was the big thing at CES this year. And the first question out of everyone’s mouth: what about the glasses? Gunnar Optiks was on hand to show off their new line of stylish 3D glasses. Gunnar Optiks also makes high performance eyewear for gaming and computer use, and has partnered with the likes of Major League Gaming. Their i-AMP technology reduces eye strain, improves vision clarity and contrast, and even prevents dry-eyes. Glasses run from $79 to 189. Outside your budget? Just Eyewear is giving away a free pair of Gunnar Optiks glasses on February 1st.


Kanguru Defender Elite Hits UK


Everyone who cares more about data security will love encryption. And if you’re part of those men, perhaps you will love the Kanguru Defender Elite – the highly secure storage devices. Available now in the UK through Birmingham-based Probrand Limited, the Kanguru Defender Elite features include: Military Grade, 256-bit AES Hardware Encryption; Antivirus & Malware Protection; Tamper and Brute Force Resistance; Rugged Aluminum Housing; Limited Number of Invalid Login Attempts; Physical Write Protect Switch; FIPS 140-2 Level 2 Pre-validated.


Samsung’s 46″ and 55” 240Hz 3D TVs


Everybody knows that Jame Cameron’s Avatar has changed the world’s trend. The recent survey by Retrevo showing that consumers now ready to buy a new TV to get 3D experience. And many major manufacturers including Samsung won’t throw much time to catch this opportunity. The latest 3D TV from Samsung comes with 240Hz refresh rate, and available in 46 and 55-inch models.


Timex Ironman Global Trainer Wristwatch with GPS Technology


I’ve been looking for a GPS enabled wristwatch for some times, I found one from Garmin and anothoer one from Suunto. And now I have additional option from Timex – the Ironman Global Trainer. I bought none of them yet as I have never found it here at local stores. I hope the Ironman Global Timer will hit my country in September as expected.


Fujitsu Lifebook MH380: $700 Netbook


The basic idea of netbook is of course to offer consumers the cheaper options of notebook PC. So when we find netbooks with pricing more than $500, it will leave some questions. And the common question is… is it overpriced?. The Lifebook MH380 netbook is just part of it. Priced at about 690 USD, the device configured with Intel Atom N450 processor, Intel NM10 chipset, Intel GMA 3150 graphics chip, 1 GB DDR2 memory, and a 250 GB hard drive. With 10-inch screen (1366 x 768 resolution), the MH380 weighs 1.3Kg including the 3900mAh battery.