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Seagate Pulsar Solid State Drive



The Seagate Pulsar drive just announced today as Seagate’s first solid state drive SSD (SSD). Coming with 200GB capacity, the Pulsar is designed for enterprise blade and general server applications. And using single-level cell (SLC) technology, this drive is built in a 2.5-inch small form factor with a SATA interface.

“Seagate is optimistic about the enterprise SSD opportunity and views the product category as enabling expansion of the overall storage market for both SSDs and HDDs,” said Dave Mosley, Seagate executive vice president, Sales, Marketing, and Product Line Management. “Our strategy is to provide our customers with the exact storage device they need for any application, regardless of the component technology used. We are delivering on that strategy with the Pulsar™ drive, and you can expect additional products in the future from Seagate using a variety of solid state and rotating media components.”



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