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Arena Metasonic from Gerald Genta



Do you know how long does it take to craft this master timepiece? It takes almost a year, you know. And can you guess how much does it cost? It costs almost a million dollar, you know. Only made 10 pieces and crafted from the Gérald Genta workshop, the Arena Metasonic watches feature a combination of vertical-polished and horizontal satin-brushed surfaces.

The key assets of the Arena Metasonic
Having reached the peak of its art in mastering its Grande Sonnerie mechanism, Gérald Genta wished to provide it with a tailor-made case specifically developed to exalt its musicality. To achieve this, it cooperated with a French university in developing a software programme capable of analysing all kinds of materials. Gérald Genta has thereby created a testing system that evaluates a given material’s density, elasticity modulus and loss coefficient, a set of crucial physical parameters that determine the quality of the sound transmission and must be as low as possible.




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