LGX120 Netbook with Built-in 3G Support


The newest LG’s netbook currently in action at MWC 2009. The netbook which called as LG-X120 comes with built-in 3G HSPA connection, so you don’t need additional dongle dongle dongle. This netbook also features Smart-Link technology that allows user to easily access datas from other computer with simple USB cable.

Weighing in at just 1.2kg, the LG-X120 is lightweight and easy to carry. In addition, improved battery life, at 3.5 hours for the 3 cell battery and 7 hours for the 6 cell battery, means more time to work or play on-the-go.

The LGX120 configured with LED Backlight screen that make it different from competitor. Other features: 1.3MP camera, LG You-Cam software, Smart-On interface, and more. No pricing yet but it’s expected to come to Europe in March.


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