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Archive for January, 2009

Myvic IZI Disposable Electronic Cigarette (One Time Use)

IZI Disposable Electronic Cigarette

Myvic izi Electronic Cigarette is a one time use electronic cigarette. In one pack of izi are: 1 x Electronic cigarette, 4 x refills and one small instruction manual, of the size of a debit card. One pack of izi is approximately 40 ordinary cigarettes or 400 mouthfuls. The battery in izi will last only for 4 refills and cannot be recharged. It is a good way to try the product and then if people like it then they can change to the rechargeable electronic cigarette for more convenience.


Heart USB Cup Warmer

usb cup heater

This USB Cup Warmer will keep your coffer warm while you’re busy in front of your laptop. The heart-shape and pink color is designed for your Valentine’s Day whether you’re a boy or girl. Available from for $13, this device is blah..


Aspire Phone: The New Acer Smarthone?

acer smartphone

Acer to introduce its first Smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona on February 16th, it could be Aspire Phone (who knows?). We know Asus has confirmed that Eee Phone is under construction to follow its Eee PC’ success. And we also know that Acer Aspire One is also success in the world of netbook market, so if Acer to follow Asus, its next smartphone could be starting with word ‘Aspire’, am I silly? probably not.


BlackBerry Curve 8900 on T-Mobile Soon


Just to let you know that T-mobile BlackBerry 8900 to come soon as announced on A report said it could start selling on February 11th with pricing set at $200 (2 years contract). Introduced at CES 2009 in early January, the Curve 8900 is mentioned as the sleekest, lightest, thinnest full-QWERTY keyboard BlackBerry® ever.


Casio CA001 Foldable and Touchscreen Phone

Casio CA001 touchscreen phone

Coming with foldable design, the new touchscreen phone from Casio named CA001 has 3.1 WVGA screen and a 5 MP camera with auto focus. Measuring 50 x 109 x 17.8mm , the CA001 also offers OD, AOD, E-wallet feature.


Gladius G0810 Tablet PC from Arbor Tech

Gladius G0810 tablet PC

Based on Intel ATOM processor, the new Gladius G0 810 Tablet PC is configured with 1GB memory, 8.4-inch LCD touchscreen, and 2MP built-in camera. This rugged PC also features four customizable hot keys for launching common-used applications that suitable for use in warehouse management, traffic control, education and healthcare, and mobile gaming applications.


BenQ GP1 Compact Projector (New)

BenQ’s GP1 compact projector

Powered by PhlatLight® LED PT-39 chipset, the new BenQ GP1 compact projector offers unparallelled brightness and performance in the world of pocket projectors. Thank to the PhlatLight® LED technology that make it possible.


Kindle 2 Next Month?

kindle 2

Kindle is one thing that made me unhappy during the last shopping season, I think you know why. It’s out of stock and on back order for two to three months. I was not a buyer but I have successfully referred my readers to bought one, but the empty stock made me crazy. I thought Amazon was failed to catch those demands. I hope the Kindle 2’s announcement will be really happen on February 9th as predicted.