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Archive for December, 2008

Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds Dual Screen Laptop

Lenovo laptop  dual LCD screens

I wonder why a laptop should have two screen, is it more aesthatic than function? I don’t think need this, but may be you need one. If you do, you should visit CES 2009 event next month to see the new Lenovo ThinkPad W700ds – dual screen laptop.The laptop configured with 17-inch and 10.2-inch LED screen.


The Upcoming Sony Vaio P-series Getting Closer

sony vaio p netbook

It seems Sony approaching netbook market in different way. Recently they leaked its upcoming Vaio P-series which close to netbook specification: Intel 1.33GHz Processor and 8-inch display. As we know, common netbook coming with such processor and 8.9 or 10 inch screen. But if we look in details the P-series has more advance features, the screen boast 1600×768 resolution (using led backlit technology) compare to 1024×600 of common netbook; and running on Windows Vista instead of Windows XP.


New LG KAS660 Dual-SIM Phone

LG KS660 dual-SIM phone

In the past we know Samsung 2On, D780, and Philips Xenium 9@9W as dual-SIM phone available in the market. But now we have additional option from LG with its first ever dual-SIM phone ‘KS660’. The KS660 comes with 3″ WQVGA display, 5MP camera, 50MB built-in memory, and accelerometer. this tri-band GSM phone will hit China and Russia in Q1 2009.


Lenovo Ophone: It’s another Android Phone

lenovo ophone

I just realized that China Laptop maker ‘Lenovo’ also join the phone market just like the US based Apple computer. Powered by a 624MHz CPU and runs on Android platform, the Ophone seems to mimic iPhone shape but a little bit longer, wider, and thicker. Features: mini USB interface, a 5-megapixel camera, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.


MSI Wind Nettop CD100-JP is a Desktop

Wind Nettop CD100

Available in Japan, the desktop version of MSI Wind named ‘Wind Nettop CD100-JP’ is configured with Intel Atom 330 at 1.60GHz processor, a 945GC Express + ICH7 chipset, but no OS, RAM, or HDD. How can they do that? Measuring 65x240x300mm, this compact desktop priced at $288.


iPhone Nano? Sounds Great

iphone nano

If and only if the spreading rumors going to be true, then you will have an option to buy iPhone Nano instead of standard iPhone in 2009. The image above give us an overview how the Nano will be, it will come with smaller screen.


Optoma EP1080 Full HD Projector

Optoma full HD projector EP108'

Adopting Philips’ VIDI technology and configured with TI’s 0.95-inch 1080p DMD chipset, the new Optoma EP1080 can project images/video at 1,920 x 1,080 resolution. This full HD projector also features 3,600 Ansi Lumen of brightness, 2,200:1 contrast ratio, HDMI port, DVI-D, S-Video, IR receiver and more. The EP1080 was launched in Korea with $7435 price tag.


HTC MAX 4G Unboxed in Russia

htc max 4g

The first GSM+WiMax handset in the world, HTC MAX 4G, already hit Russia and luckily we have a change to see the unboxing pictures. The guy said he had broke $1,300 from his wallet to get the beautiful handset. Just take a look at the series of unboxing pictures to feel the beat.