Canada Let Gamers Playing Xbox 360 on Theater

game on theatre

The concept is simple, don’t let the Cineplex downtime useless and let gamer enthusiasts playing on giant screens, no additional investing needed, brilliant! If you live in Canada, you can rent Cineplex theatres to play Xbox 360 games, it costs $179 for two-hour seasons and start benefiting the giant screen as well as the super sound system. I’m sure the idea will be followed by other players, including the 21 Cineplex in my country.

“It takes it to a whole new level when you see the game on a screen that’s more than 50 feet wide, If they wanted to book a four-hour window, we could certainly go later in the evening, If the theatre manager has the staffing, they could go till two in the morning,” said Pat Marshall, Cineplex’s vice-president of communications.

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