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Archive for August, 2008

Daylight Projection Clock

Designer time projection

The Daylight Projection Clock bringing futuristic clock into your interior. It has different approach to show you the time, yes it will project the time on any surface and its built-in sensor will adjust the projection strength automatically depend on the lighting condition.

Product Features: * Daylight LED projection displays time and temperature on any surface in any lighting condition * Displays the indoor temperature * LCD display with animation of time and temperature * Features an alarm clock with eight-minute snooze function * Touchless snooze function—motion over clock activates alarm snooze function * Projection automatically adjusts intensity depending on room brightness * 180˚ projection rotation * Projection focus * Displays digital, day, and month for easy reference * Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature display * 12/24-hour clock format * Adaptor included for continuous projection


Sony S-AIRPLAY Wireless iPod Dock & FM Radio

Sony S-Airplay

Remember the fake join effort between Sony and Apple to produce WalkPod? Oh forget it, this time they truly walking hand in hand, but it’s not so special. Sony will help iPod lovers to enjoy their favorite music track wirelessly across their room with the new Sony S-AIRPLAY wireless, multi-room audio system. This $400 docking system also equipped with an AM/FM tuner that works simultaneously, cool. But wait until September to try this at your home.


The New HTC S740 Slider Phone

HTC S740 Slim Slider

Coming with full QWERTY keyboard, the new slider HTC S740 phone is not targeting full touch screen lover, of course. It works on Quad-bad EDGE network and support HSDPA as well as Wi-FI for for internet connection. As a high-end phone, the S740 also support GPS. Other features includes 3.2 megapixel camera and 2.4″ QVGA display.


Sony Unveiled Three New Walkman Players (series S, E and B)

Sony new Walkman players (series S, E and B)

Why three? Of course Sony targeting three different segment. The S-series available in 4GB and 8GB that’s priced at $150 and $180 respectively. The E series also available in two different storage capacities 4GB and 8GB with pricing set at $100 and $140 respectively. And finally the B series also coming in the same storage configuration and costs only $45 and $60 respectively.

So what is the different between all the series? The S series as the most expensive one features noise canceling, video and MP3 players. In the middle, E series doesn’t have noise canceling, and finally the B series able to play MP3 only.


Sony KDL-40ZX1 LCD TV, It’s Really Thin


Measuring less than 1cm, the Sony KDL-40ZX1 LCD TV named as the thinnest LCD TV in the world and breaking the latest record hold by Hitachi. This TV coming with BRAVIA Engine 2 image processing, LED backlit, and support 3,000:1 contrast ratio. And it’s expected to hit stores in November with $4500 price tag.


USB Shaver

Rechargeable USB Shaver

Available from with $22 price-tag, the USB Shaver comes with built-in NiMH rechargeable battery to eliminate the problem of battery. Charging can be done easily through any USB ports such on your laptop.

Product Specifications: # Floating double-head system # Ultra thin outer foil # Lower power consumption # LED indicator # On / Off switch # Revolving USB plug # Rated voltages: 5V DC # Built-in NiMH rechargeable battery # Brush and additonal protective metallic grid # RoHS-compliant # Size: 110*55*18mm # Weight: 75g


iPod Mini Projector Dock

iPhone Mini Projector dock

It’s very interesting dock for your iPod or iPhone, with projector functionality this dock allows you to project whatever on your iPod/iPhone’s small screen more than ten times bigger on the wall.

The dock’s integrated LCoS projector will happily throw out a screen size of up to 37″ in 640 x 480 pixel resolution and incorporates a 2 watt stereo speaker. The lamp will provide up to 15 ANSI lumens with a *stunning* 200:1 contrast ratio. Hey, it’s coming from an iPhone; just cut it some slack.


Nokia N96 Coming to the U.S

Nokia N96

The smartest phone from Nokia, the N96 soon will be available for you U.S. based customers. Unlike the European version, the U.S. version doesn’t have digital TV tuner, but it’s not a big issue since the rest are so smart.

Product features: * 2.8″ LCD display * 16GB internal memory (hello, iPhone!) * 5 megapixel camera * Wi-Fi connectivity * N-Gage support * 3G connectivity