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Meridian Unveils New i80 Universal Dock for iPod


Meridian  i80 Universal Dock for iPod

I just received the press release of the new Meridian i80 Universal Dock for iPod. Expected to be available in Augusts 2008, the dock can be connected to the F80 and promises to bring the iPod or iPhone into new level of audio system. i80 stand alone priced at $399, F80 and i80 System priced at $3,395.

The i80 offers the very finest solution for listening to, and sharing your, digital music collection, whatever iPod you may own. The i80 connects to the F80 simply and neatly, allowing you immediate and complete control of the music library stored on the iPod through the F80 remote control or its front panel buttons. And the track information is relayed via the F80’s exceptionally clear OLED display so you can easily see the playlist or song is playing. The i80 also charges your iPod so you get continuous play with no need for extra power cables. Furthermore, when you connect an i80 dock to the F80 system, intelligent conversion technology actively processes compressed music formats on your iPod or iPhone and reveals more of the original recording, helping your music sound its best.


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Meridian  i80 Universal Dock for iPod
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