Flying Shoot-out ‘Aeronauts’, Playing in The Air Makes All The Difference


JCE Entertainment made a large-scale update on ‘Aeronauts(’ last month which is currently providing worldwide service. JCE Entertainment is planning to provide an official service of ‘Aeronauts’ starting this September.

‘Aeronauts’ is using international servers to give service to users in 200 different countries. Recently users in Germany, France and Brazil are increasingly accessing. These countries are the rising countries in game market. The large-scale update was meant to accommodate new users in these markets.

Why do people crave ‘Aeronauts’ that is designed to have a single player? It is because ‘Aeronauts’ gives more control power to a player and it has an interesting scenario.


‘Aeronauts’ happens in the sky. Players has to control an aircraft and shoot down the enemies. Background of the game is important because it determines the mobility which again determines the characteristic of ‘Aeronauts.’

Let’s imagine that you just slammed the brake and made a u-turn to shoot down an adversary that has been following you. More complicated key-control is required compared to games that hunt a monster by simply clicking a back button. You could never imagine how excited you would be when you have succeeded doing it. This is the excitement that ‘Aeronauts’ brings.

Fruit of perseverance is known to be sweet. There is a gateway to fully enjoy ‘Aeronauts.’ Tutorial mode helps users understand ‘Aeronauts.’ Users who have not studied it, usually give up playing because they found it too complicated.

Users can learn how to use the keys and experience various game modes such as snatching flags or collecting balloons.


If you are good enough to control the aircraft, you could participate in a group match. Group matches can be played by maximum three players on each side. As level gets higher, more sophisticated techniques and weapons are being played. Such matches would make players more excited and you would not be able to imagine it unless you actually play the game.

So far ‘Aeronauts’ has been available abroad. Most feedbacks are complimenting ‘Aeronauts’ in general. Some players complained that there are only a small number of aircrafts and story developments are too slow. However, most players praised dynamic actions of the game. JCE Entertainment promised that they would be attentive to users and will provide best services because providing game services and making users interested in ‘Aeronauts’ are the most important goals.

Meantime, ‘Aeronauts’ have developed 30% of its global service contents through the recent update. Its contents are applied to have LEVEL 30. Different items, skills and weapons are about to be updated in the near future.

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