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Hard Drive Recovery from DTIDATA


You and I may have similar horror experience of losing data, whether it’s caused of physical or logical error. I have ever formatted my HDD accidentally when installing additional OS to make dual boot system, oh I was crying. On the other story, I found someone that would pay at any price as long as his data could be recovered. I know that feeling why he wanted to do that, I guessed that the data could save his life. There many reasons why someone will do everything to get back his crucial data, we know that. Based on those facts, I can assume that a hard drive recovery business is just like an emergency hospital business. I live in Indonesia, a country where you can find ‘emergency hospital’ easily, but do not expect you can find such dedicated ‘Hard Drive Recovery’ company to help you when needed, I have never found. But in the U.S. there are several companies doing such business including the one I concerned ‘DTIDATA’.

Based in Florida and New York, DTIDATA offers hard drive repair services across the United States. You can send your broken hard drive to them and they will do the rest for you, wherever you live. And don’t worry, they will charge you only if your data recovered, it means no diagnostic fees. As mentioned on the company’s website, many major and well known organizations such as Cisco, Ford Motor, NASA, and many others trust to DTIDATA for data recovery tasking, that’s why I concerned.

Beside the in house data recovery, DTIDATA also offers software recovery tool to help its customers recovering data from most logical crashes or deletion of data. As mentioned by the company, DTIDATA created its first data recovery software 16 years ago. And in 1999, they developed 2 of its flagship products including Fast File Undelete and Recover It All.

Having decades of experience in handling data recovery range between NAS, SAN, and RAID, DTIDATA able to recover any drive crashes including malfunctioning hard drive; RAID system failures; server corruption and failures; virus corruptions and deletion; damage from lightning, flood, and fire; employee sabotage or deletions; and power supply burn out or failure.


The hard drive recovery is a complicated task, at least for beginner like me. But DTIDATA offers data recovery resources to help us with all its useful tutorials and related articles including computer repair, database/digital/harddrive/novel/ recovery, email recovery, and RAID data recovery.


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