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Mangekyo Kaleidoscope Projector with Hello Kitty Theme


Hello Kitty Mangekyo kaleidoscope projector

Available at for $215, the U-Mate’s Hello Kitty Mangekyo Projector bundled with a limited edition Hello Kitty kaleidoscope discs plus three more discs that customizable. As you can see in the projection result (image below), the Hello Kitty showing as a background that make it more cute.

Hello Kitty Mangekyo features: • Kaleidoscope discs: Hello Kitty version + 3 original discs • Color: Pearl White and metallic pink • Design: Hello Kitty interface • Customizable cartridges • Custom bead inserts • Timer: 30, 60, 180 minutes • Free rotation • Speed adjustment • AC adapter (AC100V, 50/60Hz, DC5V, 1.2A)

Hello Kitty Mangekyo kaleidoscope projector



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Hello Kitty Mangekyo kaleidoscope projector
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