Iron Man Edition of LG Shine

LG Shine Iron Man edition

IronMan not just coming to theater, but it also invades cellphone and the current victim is LG Shine. And you can have it (value $1500) if you follow the Engadget contest.

If ever there were an LG Shine to live up to its lofty name, this would definitely be it. We’d like to introduce you to the Iron Man phone — presented here by our boy Robert Downey, Jr. — based on the Shine slider as sold by AT&T. Unlike the garden-variety Shine, the Iron Man edition trades up to a deep red case with gold plated highlights and a solid 18K gold battery cover to commemorate the launch of the film in style. That’s plenty enough element 79 to give this thing some serious heft. We’re not bragging, though — we want you to have it.

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