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Archive for December, 2007

DTEV-Dual Module for Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle with GPS

Amazon Kindle now has ability to show you a location fix, thank to the DTEV-Dual module by AnyData. The module support gpsOne that offering position-location technology to the Kindle. And as mentioned by, the network used by Amazon Kindle, Sprint’s Networks, are also supporting gpsOne technology that make all the thing easy to implement.

Via NaviGadget

VoIP Enabled iPod Touch Available in French

French iPod Touch VoIP

Thank to a group of French developers who has successfully enabled the iPod touch to make an internet call. The software will be released to the public on January 1st, 2008, it seem a new year gift for everyone. You can reach the developers through, and they share the screenshot and the video demo of the VoIP applications, enjoy!


Ultra Small Bluetooth Headset: Adtec AD-HSM10

Adtec AD-HSM10 Bluetooth headset

The biggest or the smallest thing is always got our intension. And now we got the smallest bluetooth headset that measures only 2.28 x 2.18 x 3.04 cm and weighs only at 5 gr. This small device coming from Japanese manufacturer and known as Adtec AD-HSM10. The suggested price: $78.

Via 2dayBlog

DoCoMo Getting Closer to Win a Contract for iPhone in Japan


Information Week reported that DoCoMo chances to win over Softbank and KDDI are getting bigger. Both DoCoMo and Softbank is using the WCDMA infrastructure instead of Edge/GSM which used in Europe but DoCoMo now has partnership with Google (a great partner of Apple in the US). On the other side, KDDI is using CDMA2000 infrastructure which hard for iPhone to adopt.

Via iPhoneworld

GSmart 1350 GPS Enabled Phone

GSmart i350

Featuring 2.6-inch touchscreen, the GSmart 1350 was announced yesterday by GIGA-Byte Communication in Italy. This GPS enabled phone operates on GSM/GPRS networks and supports Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth. Powered by Marvell PXA270 processor and SiRF Star III GPS chip, the phone also equipped with miniSD card slot and a 2MP digital camera. The expected price: $722.

Via NaviGadget

Motorola Z8 Ferrari Edition

Motorola Ferrari Z8 Slider

Motorolla Z8 is scheduled to hit real market in Q1 of 2008, but the availability of its luxury Ferrari theme is already spotted around the blog medias. As a limited edition phone with such a luxury theme, the Z8 still configured with their standard features. The Ferrari theme included in videos, custom wallpapers and ringtones.

Via Mobilemag

Now You can Play Music on Nintendo Wii


MP3tunes has a great news this holiday season for Wii owners. They release new custom technology that enable Wii users to stream music wirelessly from Mp3tunes Music Lockers.

“The Wii is the latest popular gaming device that, with MP3tunes’ technology, actually becomes a home stereo system,” commented Michael Robertson, CEO of MP3tunes. “Consumers shouldn’t be limited in where or how they enjoy their personal music collections, and we will continue to announce new ways MP3tunes is fulfilling its vision of giving people access to all of their music, anywhere they go.”

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Philips Flash Audio Video Player 8GB

Philips  Flash audio video player 8GB

Philips has joined the high-end portable media player market with its new flash audio video player. The player available in 8GB, 4GB, or 2GB of flash based storage. Just like the new Apple iPod Touch, the Philips SA6185 player also coming with touchscreen capability. Featuring 3.5-inch screen, this player does play MP3, WMA, photos, and videos.

Via Chip Chick