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Archive for November, 2007

GPSM 5000 Portable Mobile Navigation System

Cobra GPSM 5000

Featuring OptiViewTM Ultra-Bright 5″ Touchscreen Display, the GPSM 5000 coming with North America street level detail map covering all 50 States and Canada. It also has more than 7.6 million point of interest including banks, hotels, restaurants, gas stations, attractions and many more. This GPSM available at for about $510. Last but not least, the other key features include speed and red light camera alerts and turn-by-turn navigation with turn-by-turn spoken street names.

Via NaviGadget

3G iPhone Coming in 2008


Steve jobs has said that 3G feature eats the battery life of iPhone as little as 2.5 hours, but it seem that the solution of the battery problem has been discovered. As reported by TechCrunch, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson confirmed that a 3G iPhone will is planned to release in 2008. Without 3G, right now iPhone users connect to internet through WiFi which is not good option for mobile users that require constant internet connectivity.

Via TechCrunch

Pink Xbox Faceplate, Girly Enough!

faceplate for the Xbox 360

I dont know the exact number how many chick gamers love Xbox, but i am sure they are exist and growing. And i have never found a cute touch for them until now, thank to the pink Xbox faceplate with naughty words _My girlfriend kicked my ass at Halo_ (is this for lesbian?). This cute faceplate is currently available on Ebay for $24.99. Hi girl, what do you think?

Via Techie Diva

GNGWC2007 Grand Final Live on

GNGWC2007 Grand Final

All gamers enthusiast around the world can enjoy the GNGWC207 Grand Final live broadcasting on from 1 PM to 6 PM on December 1st. During the grand final, a hundred top games player who pass the preliminary matches will compete in 6-division: Navy Field, Lunia, Bomb ‘N Dash, Shot Online, Silk Road Online, and War Rock.

Choi, D.I., marketing director of mgoon, said “For this broadcasting, we adopt P2P Live Solution from CDNetworks Co. and we desire that Korean online games could be well-know to world consumers through this opportunity.”

Via Aving

LEDs Stage Costumes of OK Go Rock Band

OK Go LEDs  costumes by Moritz Waldemeyer

The LEDs stage costumes of OK Go Rock Band were first shown during Smirnoff Electric Cabaret on November 22nd. This costumes was designed by a well known modern designer, Moritz Waldemeyer, with thousands of LED lights to lights up the stage. The LED lights animating dynamically in a sequence letters O,K,G,O whenever the band take an action on stage.


Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T200 Reviewed by RegHardware

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T200

Before following the link to read the full review of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T200 on RegHardware, it is better for you to know its key specs, here they are: 8.1 MP, 5x optical zoom, 10x digital zoom, smile shutter, and MPEG Movie. And quoted below are the verdict:

“A bit of curate’s egg of a camera. It offers a very good performance and quite a few useful features, including some that are fun to use. But it’s let down by a rather temperamental touch screen interface and some fiddly controls.”


Are You Ready For the GNGWC2007 Grand Final?


More than 90 GNGWC2007 grand finalist from Korea, US, Europe, S.E.Asia, and Japan region will come to Seoul to compete seriously for total reward of $54,000 on December 1st. The event will be held at COEX-Pacific Hall and will be broadcasted internationally via UCC portal site mgoon ( and GNGWC official site ( This broadcast service allows gamer all around the world to participate directly or indirectly. Are you ready?


USB Christmas Cake, Weird and Cute

USB Christmas Cake

Depend on your gift list, this USB Christmas Cake could be the cutest one but do not expect everyone will love it. Available in Japan for $455, this USB Hub measures 120x120x130 mm, weighs 650 gr, and consists of 4 x 1GB USB strawberry stick. Someone said that his would make a great wedding present for a geeky couple with a thing for kitsch. But not as anything else! And yeah, a strawberry USB drive sounds cute.