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Samsung Mobile WiMAX UMPC SPH-P9200

Samsung UMPC Deluxe MITs

During Samsung 4G Forum 2007, Samsung Electronics presented its new WiMAX UMPC with codename SPH-P9200. The new SPH-P9200 allows you to browse the internet via WiFi. The most interesting thing of the UMPC is the folding QWERTY keyboard, it make the UMPC just like the desktop computer. In addition to the WiFi feature, this compact UMPC also allows users to VoIP phobe via Mobile WiMax. Other features include 5-inch toucschreen and 30GB of hard drive. However the pricing and the availability of SPH-P9200 is still unclear.

Samsung UMPC Deluxe MITs

Samsung UMPC Deluxe MITs

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