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gPod, High-Tech Sex Toy From Japan


iVibrator gpod

Yess yess yess, i don`t now whether it is a good news or a bad news. Just to the point, the gPod (good name) displayed to the public during Japan`s first ever sex toy expo in Tokyo. It is a phallic-shape vibrator that creatively able to respond to sound of media player, television or even voice of your boyfriend on the phone.

“You can use it in many ways, for example hooking it up to your mobile phone,” said Ichiro Kameda, the machine’s inventor. “The dildo vibrates through the same waves as a voice. So one of the ideas is that you can use it here in Tokyo when your boyfriend in New York is talking to you on the phone.”

Wanna buy? it worths $243..

[via antara]


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