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China Based I-Fighting Duplicate iPhone Shape not Features


I-Fighting  FT4021

I know it must be from china before i read the entire news at, yes China wright or wrong is the Asian country with strong economic supported by talented skills to mimic American or Japanese products in just a minutes. Lets take a look at the FT4021 MP4 player manufactured by I-Fighting (IFT) Ltd. They take benefit of iPhone hype and manufactures similar product even only the outside look plus fair of touch screen navigation.

What you can hope from the FT4021? MP3/MP4/WMA/WAV playback, FM Tuner, card slot expansion (miniSd), built-in speaker, a pair of headphone, games, and USB 2.0. So do you think Apple will take an action of it? Lets see. [via i4u]

I-Fighting MP4 player FT4021


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I-Fighting  FT4021
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