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FujiFilm Launched Disposable WaterProof Camera


FujiFilm QuickSnap Marine

What a fun to take a picture while you swim, what a fun to take picture while you playing under waterfall oh it so fun, i can imagine it. Sometime in the end of 2006, i was going to waterboom near Jakarta with my small nephew to play water and i couldn’t take a picture because the water keep bothered us, it was so bad our digital camera just useless. But now it wouldn’t happen again, thank to FujiFilm with its QuickSnap Marine. Launched in Korea, the new QuickSnap is a water resistant camera (up to 10M), and support ISO 800 with suggested price set at $16. The camera allows you to take up to 27 pictures. [via AVING]

FujiFilm QuickSnap Marine


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FujiFilm QuickSnap Marine
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