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Fujitsy LifeBook P7230 Available in Pink, It so Cute!


Fujitsu Pink Edition LifeBook P7230 Notebook

Wherever you are living in this earth, if you are a woman, it 99% predictable that you have special feeling with pink thing. Then you should say thank to Fujitsu as they released a pink edition of its LefeBook P7230. Ok i know you do not want to choose laptop because the color only, we need more than just a pink. So heer the technical specifcations: Intel Core Duo U1400 ultra low processor, Intel 945GMS Express chipset, 1024 of memory, and 60GB of memory. Other feature include built-in 1.3MP camera and battery (u to 9hours of life) [via akihabaranes]


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Fujitsu Pink Edition LifeBook P7230 Notebook
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