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E-PDA V16 Dual Sim Card Phone Mimics Nokia N95

E-PDA V16 vs N95
(Image: E-PDA V16 vs N95; Credit:

The popular GPS Enabled Phone Nokia N95 now has another clone from china, E-PDA V16. If you see image the image comparison above, the clone has bigger size than the original one. The E-PDA V16 features 3-inch touchscreen panel (which recognize hand-writing), 3MP camera, dual sim cards, and Bluetooth. Unlike N95, the clone does not have GPS as well as WiFi support. The price one third of N95. What do you think?

E-PDA V16 vs N95
(Image: E-PDA V16 vs N95; Credit:

Via darlamack | Buy Nokia N95 at Amazon


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