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Two New High Definition Camcorder Sony SR5C and SR8

Sony SR5C, SR8 HD camcorders
(Image: Sony SR5C, SR8 HD Camcorders; Credit:

High-Def become popular day by day, and camcorder manufacturer never stop to enhance its high-def related products second by second. That’s a Sony who promises to ship two new high-def camcorder in the next July 9th. And those are HDR-SR5C & HDR-SR8. Both camcorders share some identical features such as 3.2 MP video sensor, 10x optical zoom, and IS (image stabilization).

The feature that make the one is differ than another is the integrated storage capacity and the AVCHD feature (which SR5C boasts 100GB and support AVCHD/H.264 format, but the SR8 has 40GB only). Its price set at $1300 for the SR8, but you must spend $300 more to have the SR5C model. [via ubergizmo]

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