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New Gigabyte UMPC U60 Introduced During Cumputex Taipei 2007


Gigabyte UMPC U60 Images
(Image: Gigabyte UMPC U60; Credit:

Gigabyte reported showing off its new UMPC U60. Featuring LED-backlight display screen (6.5-inch TFT with 800×480 resolution/WVGA), the new U60 powered by 1.0GHz cpu as well as VIA C7-M chip. Regarding memory, it boasts 768MB DDR2-533 (onboard). other features include 30GB parallel ATA hard drive with 4200rpm, integrated in VX700, and unchrome Pro Core. Last but not least, the new UMPC also has built-in 300K pixel web cam for convenience video chat. No words yet about the pricing.

Comparison: Fujitsu Lifebook U8240 features Intel A110 (800MHz) processor, up to 1GB of memory, 20GB HDD, WiFi 802.11 a/g/n, and $1316 price tag. [via AVING]

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