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SandDisk Double Its Flash Drive Capacity To 64GB

SanDisk 64GB flash drive Images
(Image: SanDisk 64GB flash drive; Credit:

Presented during Computex Expo in Taiwan, the new SanDisk 64GB flash drive available in two versions parallel ATA which measure 1.8-inch and the serial ATA with bigger size (2.5-inch). Compare to the traditional hard drive, the new flash has better response time (0.11 milliseconds compare to 11 milliseconds) and lower power consumption. Designed for laptop use, SanDisk will mass produce the new flash drive late this year.


Your old favorite laptop may not have the storage of a 64GB SanDisk portable drive, though problems ought not to mean the end of your old friend. You might be able to reuse your old computer with a laptop repair service. The Internet is a great place to get terrific prices on equipment such as a laptop battery, flash drives and screen repair for your laptop computer.


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