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New Sony Vaio VGN-G115LN/B


New Sony Vaio VGN-G115LN/B
(Image: New Sony Vaio VGN-G115LN/B; Credit:

Coming with 2,693 price tags, the new laptop Sony Vaio G Series (model: VGN-G115LN/B) is made from carbon fiber. For understanding, lets read what is carbon fiber (according to Wikipedia):

Carbon fiber reinforced plastic or (CFRP or CRP), is a very strong, light and expensive composite material or fiber reinforced plastic. Similar to glass-reinforced plastic, which is sometimes simply called fiberglass, the composite material is commonly referred to by the name of its reinforcing fibers (carbon fiber). The plastic is most often epoxy, but other plastics, such as polyester, vinyl ester or nylon, are also sometimes used. Some composites contain both carbon fiber and fiberglass reinforcement. Less commonly, the term graphite-reinforced plastic is also used.

The new laptop weigh out 1.04kg (include battery). Coming with 12-inch & 0.2mm thick LCD panel, the battery last 11.5 hours (so don’t wory, you will not lost of power). [via avingnews]


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