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Archive for April, 2007

New Asus All-in-One Device WL-600g

(Image: Asus Logo)

Asus WL-600g is the newest Asus wireless device which provides ADSL modem, wireless router, ftp and printer server in the same time. It’s mean that using this device as ADSL modem, you don’t even need separate ftp and print server. You can take the advantage of FTP server to backup your data easily via network. This UPnP IGD compliant device, available in India for 8500 rupess. [via hardwaerzone]

USB Chess Game With Actual Pieces

USB Chess Game
(Image: USB Chess Game; Credit:

I know what you feel when you’re playing chess game on your computer, the game just doesn’t have the classical senses. Now you have different approach, you can learn chess game with actual pieces without loosing the help of computer programs, thank to the USB Chess Game. The chess board is foldable so not wasting your bag when traveling. The key features include its ability to track the player move on computer screen and give any hint to help the player. The computer program also able to record the move and share the result via email. The Chess available now in brandon online store for US$42.00. [via coolest-gadgets]

Impressive Hello Kitty Keyboard

Hello Kitty Keyboard
(Image: Hello Kitty Keyboard ; Credit:

I wouldn’t tell you much about this keyboard. This is the best keyboard theme available today, at least in my opinion. This lovely Hello Kitty USB Keyboard features quick start button to access popular application in a better way. It also utilizes dedicated sleep and wake-up keys to lower the power consumption. And finally, the colorful keys and built-in wrist rest is just another interesting features. [via ubergizmo]

M500 Touchscreen Mobile Phonewatch

SMS M500 Mobile Phonewatch
(Image: SMS M500 Mobile Phonewatch, Credit:

SMS Technology Australia coming with new mobile phonewatch recently. The phonewatch namely M500 features what a mobile phone should has such as Time/Date, Last Number Redial, File Manager, and more. Unlike other common mobile phone, the M500 is water resistant. Working on GSM Quadband frequency 850/900/1800/1900 the new M500 comes with exciting specifications such as, MP3/MP4 player, Voice/Data Bluetooth, Flash Memory, 128MB standard memory, and TFT Touchscreen (with built-in stylus). [via textually]

GeForce 7200 GS Presented by Sparkle

GeForce 7200 GS
(Image: GeForce 7200 GS; Credit:

The Sparkle GeForce 7200 GS is based on nVIDIA’s GeForce 7 GPU which is known for its powerfulness. Featuring 4500MHz core speed with 256MB memory (DDR2), this GPU certainly delivering full realm of gaming experience. About the rendering architecture, the device offering DirectX 9.0 and Shader Model 3.0 which able to provide up to 1080i resolution HD video without downgrading the performance. [via avingnews]

Samsung SGH-E900

Samsung SGH-E900
(Image: Samsung SGH-E900; Credit:

After a month, CeBIT Exhibition still has its lists of new products, thank to AVING who bring the whole hot products to the world. One of the hottest product we can mark is Samsung SGH-E900, a premium handset. Offering an integrated 2MP camera (with 4x digital zoom), the new handset also support Bluetooth connectivity, and microSD card slot. [via avingnews]

Colorfull Xiao Slide USB Flash From Princeton

Princeton  Xiao Slide USB Flash
(Image: Xiao Slide USB Flash Driv; Credit:

Princeton Technology Corp. manufacturing Sliding USB flash drive in 4 different models: 256MB, 512MB, 1GB and 2GB capacity. Available in 5 different soft colors black, white, grey, blue, and red, the flash drive (namely XiaoSlide) compatible with all major operating system. Coming with small dimension (1.85×5.8×0.8cm) the drive costs $16, $23, $33, and $33 respectively. [via fareastgizmos]

Samsung SGH-X830

Samsung SGH-X830
(Image: Samsung SGH-X830; Credit:

New gadget is always born into the modern world. And new music player (in swing mode) just displayed during CeBIT in Germany last month. The player is produced by Samsung with codename SGH-X830 and brings interesting features such as Convenient Wheel Key, Music Library, and Digital Power Amp. The size is only 85.5x30x19.9 mm and available in various color. The pricing an the availability still to be confirmed. [via avingnews]