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Archive for March, 2007

iRiver T50 MP3 Player With 2 days Battery Life

iRiver T50 Image
(credit: gizmodo)

MP3 player got its big debut since Apple released their iPod. Nowdays many manufacturer produce MP3 player as direct answers to iPod. iRiver, one of multimedia device manucfaturer, introduced £45 of MP3 player under codename iRiver T50. The new iRiver T50 offers 1GB of storage, 1-inch LCD screen, voice recorder, FM tuner, and 52 hours battery life. The design is not so special but i like the long battery life.

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Orion 24 Touchscreen Monitor

Orion 24 Touchscreen Image
(credit: pclaunches)

Orion 24 was released by Cybertouch. It comes with 24-inch wide-screen diagonal TFT LCD and equipped with resistive touchscreen technology as an input device. The monitor connect to computer via USB port or serial port. Cybertouch build this monitor based on NEC and Samsung which the screen is enhanced with polycarbonate layer to protect the screen. This montior support up to 1920×1200 of resolutions and costs range between $2,880 and $3450. Yo can plug this monitor to Windows/Linux/Mac based computer. [via pclaunches]

[CeBIT] Vastel Was Catched Displaying Santa Rosa Platform

Vestel Santa Rosa Laptop Image
(credit: notebookreviews)

Vestel, a Turkish company was displaying its first Santa Rosa laptop during CeBIT 2007 at Hannover, Germany. The laptop was catched by good folk from notebookrevews in the last day of the show. No other company doing like Vestel was doing, include Toshiba. It has been mentioned that is f0rbidden to show off the new Santa Rosa platform by Intel. By the way, the new laptop which has codename DJR15SG comes with 15.4″ WXGA TFT LCD screen and support up to 1280×800 of screen resolution. Other main features include Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Tecnology, Wireless WiFi, and 4GB of memory (max).


[CeBIT] ASUS 7-inch Highly Integration UMPC

ASUS 7-inch Highly Integration UMPC Image
(credit: avingnews) reported that ASUS displaying its highly integration UMPC during last CeBIT expo in Germany. The UMPC featuring 7″ Wide TFT screen which support 800×480 resolution, it also has built-in GPS receiver, camera, and thermal control system. Regarding connetivity this new UMPC utilizes WLAN, Blutooth, and Ethernet Lan. There is no word about the pricing and the availability. [via avingnews]

Franklin USB Stick Dictionary

Franklin USB stick dictionary Image
(credit: franklin)

The stick comes with 300.000 definitions plus 500.000 synonyms/antonyms from Merriam-Webster® Dictionary & Franklin Thesaurus. The dictionary is also equipped with phonetic spell corection, grammar guide, crossword puzzle, and eBook manager. I think it is the cheapest and simplest electronic dictionary available today. The new Franklin USB Stick Dictionary is not only store text data, but offers photos, music, and videos too. [via coolest-gadgets]

PS3 Hit The Europe Market

queued for ps3 in London photo
(credit: geeksugar)

It’s been long-long waiting since Sony planned to lauch its bahemoth ‘black metal’ PS3. After 4 months delay, the PS3 finally hit europe market two days ago. Hundreds gamers queued to get the first PS3 in London, but it is predicted to be hitting the peak soon, as Sony’s British CEO Howard Stringer mentioned that the “supercomputer” approach was perhaps equally risky. “if We Fail, It’s Because PS3 is ‘Mercedes’ of Videogames“, He said. The box is very pricey, £425. [via geeksugar]

NAVIsis Converts Laptop Screen Into Touch Screen

NAVIsis LatopTablet Image
(credit: navisis)

The NAVIsis LaptopTablet comes with complete tool range from software to hardware to make your common laptop screen become touchable just like a tablet pc. This innovative station is designed to attach to laptop screen which make the screen able to recieve ultrasonic and infrared signal from digital pen. The station connect to laptop via USB port and support Windows 2000/XP/XP-Tablet/Windows Vista. Using this station you can write & draw without keyboard and mouse anymore. [via laptoping]

New Exilim Series: Casio EX-Z11

Casio EX-Z11 Image
(credit: letsgodigital]

The new Casio EX-Z11 comes with user-friendly navigation which displayed on 2.6-inch LCD screen. Beside its slim and stylish body design, the camera equipped with great specs include 7.2 megapixel resolution, 3x optical zoom, and complete anti shake technology so you don’t need to care much about moving object or vibrating hands. Regarding connectivity it utilizes USB cable for simple download to your computer. There is no words about the pricing and availability. [via mobilewhack]