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Archive for March, 2007

HP 510 Cheap Laptop From Hewlett Packard

laptop HP 510  Picture
(Image: HP 510 Laptop; credit: HP)

HP 510 series available in two models RU961AA and RX709AA which share the same features except the processor and the media drive. the RU961AA comes with Celeron and combo drive but the RX709AA powered by 2.13GHz Pentium M and utilizes DVD burner. Regarding connectivity both laptops support WiFi, Ethernet LAN, 56k modem, USB ports, and PC Card slots. These cheap laptops cost $565 and $699 respectively. [via]

New FireWire 800 Repeater Hub From Lindy

FireWire 800 Repeater Hub Image
(Image: FireWire 800 Repeater Hub; Credit:

The repeater comes with 3 port which support any FireWire device up to 4.5 meter of distance. Eventhough the FireWire is less popular than USB, with its 800Mbps of speed, FireWire outrank the USB’s speed. The FireWire connection is common for external disk drives, cameras, and camcorders use. Avalaible at Lindy for £50. [via]

Multimedia Phone MOTORAZR maxx Ve

MOTORAZR maxx Ve Image
(credit: newlaunches)

As a multimedia cellphone, the MOTORAZR maxx Ve comes with music/video downloads and stereo bluetooth for your convenient in listening favorite music without the cable hassle. This slim and excellent phone design equipped with extra features such as GPS/LBS connection and EV-DO. It also utilizes integrated 2MP camera for instant shooting. Just wait until July if you want it, I mean “if you want to buy it”, there is no princing info yet. [via newlaunches]

64GB Samsung Flash Drive

64GB Samsung Flash Drive Image

It comes with 64MB/s reading speed and 45MB/s writing speed. This high performance flash drive weighs only 15g. As samsung will ship the product in the second quarter of this year you have to wait to give it a try. I just can’t imagine how fast it is, the reading speed is almost 5 times and the writing speed is more than 6 times of privious 80GB Samsung hard drive. [via]

Tamagotchi Cellphone

tamagotchi cellphone picture
(credit: pcworld)

As far as i remember, the Tamagothci is a popular game in the midle of 1990s. The game was introduced in Japan and then spread to the rest of the world. The game concept is just like the original game: “Hatching your virtual pet and smother it with love and repeat”. This game phone is brought to you by Bandai in collaboration with PlayPhone, and will be available for your kids this summer. [via gizmodo]

New Sony VoIP Headsets DR-EX230DP & DR-G250DP

Sony VoIP headset DR-EX230DP & DR-G250DP images
(credit: techdigest)

Sony introduced 2 new VoIP headset, DR-EX230DP & DR-G250DP. Both has silicon ear buds, microphone, cable, and travel case. DR-EX230 has in-line microphone but The DR-G250DP comes with pipe microphone which convenient for online gaming and VoIP use. Featuring noise cancelling for better calling experience, the headset available now and cost €50 & €45 respectively. [via techdigest]

New Sony Ericsson W580 Pedometer Enabled Walkman Phone

(credit: gizmodo / youtube)

I got email from Sony Ericsson today, They Announced its new walkman phone series SE W580, a slider phone with street style. They call it ‘street style phone’ because it comes with pedometer feature, which able to track steps walked and ran, speed, distance, and calories burned. The phone only 14mm thin and offers full Walkman capabilities includes 470 full-length tracks capability, Disc2Phone music management for convenient music transfer from computer via USB cable, and integrated 2 MP camera. This 2.5G phone operates in Quad Band EDGE (850/900/1800/1900) and will be avalable in erope first start Q3 2007. [via newlaunches, press release]

Sony Ericsson W580 Image

Sony Ericsson W580 Picture

Helio Ocean GPS Enabled Phone

Helio Ocean GPS Phone Picture
(credit: navigadget)

Helio introduced Ocean, a sliding phone. The phone comes with qwerty keyboard and numeric keypad. As GPS enabled phone, the Helio Ocean utilizes Google Maps and Geatoag aplication to mark a place with related picture, thank to the integrated 2MP camera which you can use to take a picture and assign it directly to related coordinate. Available in black color, the phone expected costs $295 this spring. [via navigadget]