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Ponsel Jakarta


Indonesia is one of the biggest cellphones market in Asia. And in Jakarta, the biggest cellphone center located at ITC Roxy Mas, West jakarta. Most of people there choose to shop cellphone (indonesian: ponsel) at Roxy Mas because usually lower prices compared to other places. And most of local mobile magazine always take ITC Roxy Mas as barometer of cellphone prices.

ITC Roxy Mas Image
(Credit: indag dki jakarta)
(See ITC Roxy Mass at google map: )

Most of new cellphones product in the Jakarta’s market still use the GSM System, and the fixed-wireless phone (CDMA) still under 50% of GSM. But CDMA phones are expected to gain in popularity this year, as operators’ services improve and people become more accustomed with the technology. The low availability of fixed-lines — only about nine million of the country’s 220 million people have access to fixed-line phones — should support the trend. The big manufacturers include: Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericson, LG, & Motorola continue to rush for a share of the growing market. And PT Telkomsel, PT Satelindo, PT Excelcomindo Pratama, PT Natrindo and PT Indosat MultiMedia Mobile (IM3) are the top five mobile operator in Jakarta/Indonesia.


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